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Yahoo! Video Search Beta
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Whilst I slept, Yahoo! announced their new Video Search on the Y! blog:

There were some rumors a few weeks back about Video Search products coming in 2005. Well, we're ready to show you what we've got today--and to ask for your feedback. An early Yahoo! Video Search Beta is now up on Yahoo! Next, our preview site for new technology and applications. I've spent a few hours with it in the last few weeks. Go try it out and let us know what you think. Remember that it's a beta product.

They go on to talk about the difficulty in finding video streams online and how they are leveraging existing relationships with media companies to pad out the vid database initially.

Vid Search and RSS
You can expose video streams to Y! vid search via RSS enclosures the same way as you would for podcasting.

Gary Price has more details as does John Battelle


You beat me to it again....

.. just as I was about to click submit I saw NewsGator had something for me :)

Well done mate.

On first impressions it seems that the algo is based on URL strings though I am sure link pop comes into the equation as well.

Thinking ahead it would make sense that meta data is being extracted from the files but at the same time this can be a royal PITA as the bandwidth and time constraints for downloading a whole movie simply for the few lines of header info wouldn't be sensible.

My initial thoughts were will this become the equivalent of a 0 day movie distribution search engine?

What will the MPIAA and others think about this?

Not bad....

Not bad at all, reminds me of Singingfish that recently got an update also.

At the moment though I only see this as a usual tool for movie trailer seekers, music video searchers and video funnies finders. IMO it will be at least another 3 years until we really need video search as video on the net atm is just a baby.

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