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blinkx Unveils Search Engine for TV
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Well it seems that it could well be.

Yahoo launched their video search during the night (UK time) and Blinx have just launched their version, although this is TV specific.

It's definately hotting up out there.

Could 2005 be the year of Video and Audio search from those (it seems like) hundreds of desktop search apps or is it even video and audio search Podcasting via RSS?


Tried it works well

It seems to work very well, nifty how they've implement a 1-2 flash video preview in the thumbnails. Searches seem very relevant on the searches I tried.

The question is can they keep updated on new events?


...I have to agree that the interface seems quite slick.

I'll be honest here and say that I previously thought of BlinX as a "wannabe that wasnt going to make it." If they keep launching products like this I may well have been wrong!

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