IE7 To Rollout Via Windows Update


Naturally most people here don't drive in IE, but from the MSN Search point of view, what sort of traffic surge (spurt?) can we expect beginning the fourth quarter of this year?

IE Blog: IE7 to be distributed via Automatic Updates!

They seem keen to stress, what, impartiality?

If you decide to install IE7, it will preserve your current toolbars, home page, search settings, and favorites and installing will not change your choice of default browser. You will also be able to roll back to IE6 at any point by using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Finally, users who have AU turned off will not be notified.

Finally, for some puerile fun -


I really like IE7

I really like IE7


You like IE7?

Are you nuts? :-)



I like the way that it says

I like the way that it says its an update for 'genuine windows users' - great ... given half the planet is on pirated versions, it doesn't improve the whole web development landscape much if half of them are unable to get the update - which is sadly non-mandatory :/

I was so hopeful, too!

Man! Awesome!!!

That just means 50% of hte world will be *compelled* to start using fully-compliant browsers like Opera and Firefox!

Woohoo!! Now we just need all the warez people to do the right thing and bundle Opera with all their distros :-)

Better still! Opera could ditch GOOG AdSense and adopt MSN adCenter... then every time a warez'd computer clicks an advert, MICROSOFT MAKES MONEY!! Then we have an increase in MSN Search, an increase in profits for Opera, and your windows distrib will pay for itself over time! Have opera keep tally of how many times ads have been clicked and after, say, 10,000 advert clicks, you can get your own Windows Vista serial number ;_))

Not a bad idea, ya know,

Not a bad idea, ya know, once you get past the fact that the software started out as non-genuine.

They do have something like this in some third world countries where the computers/software are 'rented' to the user and paid for over time.

most people here don't drive in IE

And that is a big mistake that web types keep on making.

Ever heard of the phrase "dogfooding it"?

It doesn't matter if you have only Whitworth wrenches. If the world is metric, then your garage can do better service work if you use metric as well.

Forget "standards". If 90% of the market is IE, it *is* the standard.

That's not a fair statement

That's not a fair statement plumsauce. You're talking two different kinds of standards (web standards and usage standards) and treating them like they're the same when they're not. My sites work as well in IE as they do in the (more) standards-compliant Firefox, but I use Firefox myself because it's a better, faster, more secure browser. That doesn't mean I ignore IE users, which are admittedly a majority (but a shrinking one even at that).

Web standards are about markup and styling. Usage standards are about the browser marketshares. Let's not confuse them, particularly not now that IE7 looks like it may make the whole "standards" argument much less of an issue, bringing the browser wars back to a question of security, features and convenience.


By compliant do you mean slow and/or can't render legacy pages?

Firefox is a memory leaking slow pile of crap and Opera, although faster, will eventually bomb out on one of my favorite sites.

However, I hate IE so much I tolerate the other half-baked crap.

Preaching To The Choir

Plumsauce. I said drive, as in daily use, as in normal means of navigating around. We all have it in the garage, we all (I assume, evangelists aside), defer to it as the thing our stuff has to work in first and foremost. If I compromise, it's for IE.

No mistake being made, just a lifestyle choice (sic), not a business one. Apples and oranges.

This will be an interesting

This will be an interesting experiment: will SE referrals from MSN suddenly go up and if so, for how long? Any guesses?

the readers are smarter here

Mat & MatthewHSE

It appears the readers are somewhat smarter here :)

There are places where some *pro* stands up and rants about how he *only* designs for, uses, whatever, Firefox and the rest can go pound sand.

That would be real unfortunate for the client if he does not understand the implications.

Real unfortunate for him if the client does understand the implications.

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