2005 should be a fun year to watch the b/w hats throw mud at each other..

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Flaming on thongs - yeah, you read it right :)
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Some folks have hacked together a Cafepress store where they sell all kinds of items with screenshots of forum postings. Wierd idea imo, but it's quite funny and I found the perfect X-mas gift for Nick to give Ivana :)

A quote from the post from Doug at IHU that is going on the thong:

BTW Nick W. at threadwatch, you can KISS MY ARSE you jerk! You are the biggest troll in this industry to date. You bite. Anyone who posts to your silly blog are just as bad. You bite. Get lost. Get out of this industry, okay? Just wait until I find a website that you are helping with SEO.... talk about a SPAM outing? Oh yeah bud. Kissing up to spammers is not something some of you should be proud of. Many forums and blogs out there DO KISS UP to spammers. Not this one. Not a chance. Not ever.

Hahahahaha, ya gotta love that! :)

Who the biggest troll is, is imho in the eye of the beholder ;)

Merry X-mas folks.



Just me or is there a subtone of the homoerotic in Dougie Boys post?


When that post originally came out last week (i think) it was placed in the middle of a thread that had not previously mentioned me and had nothing to do with TW

I presume it was dougs way of stopping me from linking to the thread, which was of course giving everyone a nice example in how to spam search engines by linking to some site they didn't like over there.

Weird? - Downright mental if you ask me...


Correct NFFC, that'd just be you. Perhaps the thong was the tipping point?

Lol, gets out credit card :)

Lol, gets out credit card :)

If you're upsetting people

I think it probably means you're doing a good job.


Spanking with the sharp end of a wet noodle, thongs. Hell he even wants people to kiss his bottom! Serious perve in my book. Do they let young kids on IHU?

Is there a secret blackhat ca

Is there a secret blackhat cabal at work at SEW? Only, out of almost 3,000 members, Doug is the only SEW forum member has overall negative rep - and he's got two blocks of negative rep at that. Have you folks been picking on him?


If you look at the mods in there, and what other jobs/stuff they do on the WWW it's actually very white indeed.

The bad boys needed a place to hang out and SEW provided it i think...

good grief - everyones very servious about this aren't they?

Well since it all seems to be a bit controversial let me say that wild speculation as to the originator is all well OTT and if anyone concerned wants to visit ForumSpeak they can follow the recent discussion about the Cafe Express shop. I'm posting this here and now because it seems some people are getting way too excited about things and making all sorts of interesting guesses.

The shop was intended as a piece of fun and not to be made publically available unless or until all forums featured gave their permission or at least didn't object. Quotes used are sample quotes. Believe me had we set out to be offensive there are some real interesting ones out there. At least one moderator from the Forum who appears to have been upset by this was aware of the project and had voiced their concerns but had not asked at this point for the product(s) to be removed.

Unfortunately it has been 'outed' before we had reached agreement on what, if anything, should be done with it (yeah cheers for that Rumbas - I'll take that as a beer you owe me!). This means we haven't done justice to half the great quotes out there and we hadn't in fact decided whether to continue with the project at all.

While no one has requested any items removed in the week the shop has been under discussion, clearly now it's public some people have decided to object and some products have therefore been suspended. If any forum owner or mod would like products removed, amended (or added) then please visit ForumSpeak and ask nicely. One person has done this and the quote from their forum has been removed. It was very nice and simple.

This is far preferable to phoning CafePress and shouting at them. It will also get a far more certain outcome as their decision will be based on a legal decision which is in fact most likely to allow use of a quote publically made and accessible, whereas we will simply remove anything objected to for whatever reason as stated from the beginning of this discussion.

In the meantime profits go to charity and thank you for your orders.

I still think the Butler did it

oh...never mind. You'd have to be there. :)

Must be Doug

Why wouldn't he come and clarify it here?

He must have been sent or seen a link by now if he didn't do it. Come on Doug, come and tell us about the thongs please...

and there it ends...

thanks everyone, lots of fun eh?

If anyone wants to know anythign about it they can contact Gurtie.


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