Possible Shift in Google-Webmasters Communication Policy!


Possible Shift in Google-Webmasters Communication Policy!
Have Googlers stopped announcing updates and posting weather reports?




Not a riposte I often resort to, but this is dull. One bloke going on holiday (damn, vacation, was in Europe-travel mode there) does not equal a 'possible shift'.

I had a possible alimentary shift earlier, but I think it was the coffee.

I agree with mat, it's

I agree with mat, it's summer, people go on vacation. It's to warm to wear tin foil hats at the moment, isn't it? :-)

Let me

I can elicit comments from the PR folks :-) Just let me post something about algorithmic flaws or worse ... raw data on PPC sabotage :O I could even throw in an Overture comparison :-)

But the word has been mum ever since two seperate threads threatened to merge:

  • A few sites utilized a bug in the goog algorithm so that they had more indexed pages *each* than GOOG claimed to have in total as recent as 2004.
  • Simultaneously, a great many sites of more-or-less "good" quality had a great many of their pages wiped out. One of my clients went from 250,000 indexed to 739 [sic], two of my sites went from +10,000 to ~50 each, etc.
  • Simultaneously, you have Eric Schmidtt talking about how google's server infrastructures are "maxed out" and that there is no space (ostensibly due to GVideo but now surmised to be due to the sites with billions of indexed pages...)
  • At this *same* time you have the entire F*ckGoogle.com website, which promised to expose in incontestible terms the high level of GOOG clickfraud, but never delivered, went offline, and has popped in and out. ALl it did was get names of every one who believed it and generally gauge how big an issue it was (the site was top 20,000 in alexa for a while).
  • Two weeks after the FG saga, you have GOOG saying that they're going to "release stats" about "invalid clicks".

Madmen make up connections between totally disparate objects, geniuses see connections no one else would, and every one else has to determine who is what :-)

Let's Start a DC Watch Thread

cross-site posting anyway ?

oh no...

rumours and hearsay is great stuff, but let's get something with a little meat on in stead of "we miss matt".. that's so pathetic. Give the guy a break.

Drug scandal in the Googleplex!

There are persistant rumours that the so-called "mini-kitchens" in the Googleplex contain equipment that -- given the right knowledge -- can be used for fabrication of drugs, and perhaps even light explosives.

In related news, the Google founders' private Boeing 747 will feature a double bed significantly larger than the ones used in the recordings of the Bizarree sex movie "show white and the seven halves".

Industry spectators wonder if this is the end of Google-As-We-Know-It (R)(C)(TM) and if this is an indication that the top secret Google OS code named "AnytimeSoon" will sport hidden code for running click bots.

no drugs

We have a strict "no invalid mind activity" policy in place and our engineering team uses many sophisticated algorithms to detect and enforce this policy. For instance our keystoke analysis team can spot inadvertant shebangs and braces across our entire keyboard farm. When we detect suspicious keystroke activity we alert the appropriate team and they may undertake further investigation. So far our team has uncovered one instance that required follow up and that was an event caused by dog drool and too much caffeinated beverage. We have found no illicit drug use, we are clean, really!

Something out of nothing.

Something out of nothing. Die Scheiße ist tief.


Someone starts a hysterical thread and mentions Google so it's newsworthy.

I really need to re-evaluate my RSS feeds.

hopeseekr, are you seriously

hopeseekr, are you seriously claiming that we had something to do with fuckedgoogle.com? Maybe I'm secretly admin, eh? Seriously though, looks like FG found a new home: on MSN Spaces. I'm sure I'll get a kick out of seeing "©2006 Microsoft" at the bottom of every fuckedgoogle post. :)

claus, in case you were wondering: yes, it does hurt when you're eating a slice of pizza and you suddenly laugh so hard that an olive bit comes out your nose.

Okay, that didn't really happen, but it was a matter of seconds.

an olive bit comes out your

an olive bit comes out your nose

If you think that hurts, wait till u get some pastrami stuck in your nose. Pain like no other!

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