[Rumor] MarketSmart Interactive = EmailSpam Interactive?


Rustybrick reports getting email spammed from the new Keyword Rankings.

I often get emails from spammers (marketers) saying that they can rank my site in the top results (like I want that). I delete them or they get caught by my spam filters. But this is the first email, I remember, getting from MarketSmart Interactive, you know, aka Keywords Ranking, aka WebSourced.

Email spamming Barry. Not a good sign for the new Keyword Rankings / WebSourced brand.


Did they check the headers?

I assume Rusty Brick checked the headers to be sure it was coming from the company it was alleged to have come from?

KWR used to send spam many years ago, or at least their affiliates did. If the headers check out to being from them, I can't say as I'd be all that surprised. But I'd want to know that for sure before branding them as spammers, since we all know how easy it is to forge an email.

Yup - Xed out some items

Received: from WEBSRCEXH01.Websourced.local (websrcexh01.websourced.com [])
by XXXXXX.XXXXXX.net (Spam Firewall) with ESMTP id BF806D003BCA
for ; Thu, 27 Jul 2006 10:59:07 -0400 (EDT)
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft Exchange V6.5.7226.0
From: "William Ross"
To: "William Ross"

Anyone chatted to Mike about

Anyone chatted to Mike about this?

rumor confirmed. sort of.

I acknowledged Bill's lack of research in Barry's blog. His email was spam, if you consider an unresearched hand-sent email as spam.

Bill's been here two months, bless his heart. He's a good guy, and focused on the home theatre and electronics vertical. We suspect Barry's email worked its way onto his contact list through his possible involvement in Electronics trade shows?

Anyways, Bill and I are using this as an opportunity to improve his email outreach, and, in particular, his email personalization efforts.

Further I'll be taking a close look at Bill's next batch of emails to make sure there's stronger value in them, such as a link to JP Sherman's competitive search intelligence white paper, or the article I wrote on B2B conversation marketing.

As the Marketing Communications Manager for MarketSmart Interactive I'm working to rebuild us internally through new service development (a strong response so far - any "quality testers" out there who'd like to know more please contact me) and by getting who I see as strong MSI thinkers published.

Some of you here reading may have some of our former clients. We have done some crap SEO work in the past. This has hurt the SEO industry as a whole.

We've changing though, and there's a very dedicated core of people here in this office with me who love what they do and who are committed to providing our clients with top notch service.

I'd value any feedback or thoughts:

or:919-433-3139. The toll free number is over on my comments on Barry's post.

Anyways, please don't tell Mike. He'd get really pissed at me ;)

Seriously, I appreciate everyone's concerns for the manner in which Bill contacted Barry. I will be personally correcting that and speaking with our sales force as a whole.

Garrett French
Marketing Communications Manager
MarketSmart Interactive

nice communication

rare that reps from companies do that....but.....

bzzzzzt.... You just showed your company's weakness

Oh Dear!!

Thats rough. I always consider these e-mails complete spam not a very professional approach I thought it was the #1 in google for $50 companies that employed these techniques.

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