Aussie Stealthcon is on again!


Just a heads up for Aussies and any visiting spa..., er, I mean, webmasters from over the ponds.

Due to overwhelming requests (really!), the next round of Stealthcons has been announced as follows:-

StealthCon 2.3 - Melbourne
Belgian Beer Cafe Eureka - Southbank, Melbourne
4th August 2006, 5PM onwards

StealthCon 2.4 - Sydney
Belgian Beer Cafe - The Rocks, Sydney
1st September 2006, 5PM onwards

StealthCon 2.5 - Brisbane
Belgian Beer Cafe - Brussels, Brisbane
8th September 2006, 5PM onwards

Full details can be found at the Stealthcon website, along with some snapshots of previous boozeups, er, I mean, meetings.

See you all there.



StealthCon Asia

Looks like a fun set of events. When will you be expanding the venues to other parts of Asia?


aw nuts!

What did I go and move so far out of town for? :(

I'm keen

I missed the last one because of work stuff blowing up, but am real keen to attend the next one. See you there....

Whoo hoo

Looking forward to it Woz!

Just a shameless bump for

Just a shameless bump for any Aussies who may have missed this. Only one day (and a bit) to StealthCon 2.3 - Melbourne!

Sydney and Brisbane are building up as well!

See you all there.


I'll be at the Sydney one. Got some ideas to discuss

Sydney Stealthcon 1st September

StealthCon 2.4 - Sydney
Belgian Beer Cafe - The Rocks, Sydney
1st September 2006, 5PM onwards

We'll be the rowdy bunch on the left hand side as you walk in the door.....

Just a friendly *bump* along

Just a friendly *bump* along the road to Stealthcon.



Hey old F@RT

Passing on INFORMATION that serves the greater SEO/SEM community downunder is not spam!

Thanks RC

I will take that as a compliment. ;-)

Stealthcon was excellent

Hey everyone who was there in Sydney on the 1st sept, thanks for a great night. Such a friendly and great crowd, learnt a bit, taught a bit but really above anything just enjoyed the company.

I noticed there were people who know a lot about marketing, not just seo... some very smart business people. This was my first stealthcon... something else I liked about it was whenever someone went to the bar they checked to see who else's tide was running out and shouted them a beer, so it was a really collaborative and friendly Aussie environment.

Chris and Woz where great hosts, they had a good sense of who there had experience in what fields and recommended I chat with one person or the other based on what I was up to or wanted to learn more about.

The only thing that went unresolved ... that still buggs me ... is What Would McGuyver Do?

If you didn't give me a card, send me an email.

Well said Dom

Well said Dom, was definately a great night. Shame I won't be a regular at the Sydney event but I'm sure I'll see some in Brisbane.


Brisbane was last night - Did you have fun guys?
(Sorry I couldn't make it, Ben, didn't get your message until after 9....)

[pouts jealously]

Thank you!

I went to both Brisbane and Sydney ones. Both were great. Hats off to Woz and Chris for supporting Australia's SEO community. We all need to get out there a lot more.

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