Dell Desktops Switched Off By Mobile Phones


El Reg reports on something that has been happening to me with a Dell. Bloody thing just switches off. I couldn't work out what was causing it, but this article pin points the answer. A mobile phone near your hard disk, incoming message to the phone, Dell switches off.

We got a response from Dell which reads as follows: "Communication devices do sometimes cause interference with other communication devices. The level of interference created may depend in part on the model and condition of the phone.

"Dell systems are designed to operate in line with industry standards for power and electro-magnetic shielding. We recommend to customers who are experiencing interference to avoid using mobile phones within one foot of the system. We encourage customers to contact Dell directly if they have other concerns."

My guess would be that this is not unique to Dell, so if you have a problem with unexplained closedowns, then put the mobile in the far corner of the room!



Was that an 80s car phone perchance? Sounds like a Mythbusters subject to me...

What brand harddisks does

What brand harddisks does Dell use? But how would a hdd put a pc to sleep - wouldn't it just stop spinning and not affect the power supply? And yeah, definitely a Mythbuster topic. :-)

Only thing I can imagine is...

...that the GSM signal injects a brief bit of noise into the thermal safety sensor circuit, causing the PC to think it's overheating.

But that's stretching it....

Perhaps it s a safety feature

Perhaps it s a safety feature if it thinks some one has called the fire brigade :)

Not Here

4 Dells in the room with me now, all between brand new and 2 years old. 2 mobile phones - never a problem !

My keyboard used to lock

My keyboard used to lock when I got a text message (it wasn't a dell though). I just had to unplug and replug it in to get working again.


Just set up one of these last week (an Optiplex 520). Just tried a message, still running.

Did you match the mobile phone's postion...

...with the one in the video? It could be important. I always place my mobile phone there, to keep it out of sight of burglars and sh**. I'm so lucky I haven't had any problems yet.


Absolutely ...

... moved desks around as well. Hell, even bought some new ones in order to replicate the setup in the video. Can't be too careful.

'squiet innit?

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