Google vs. Yahoo: Heavyweights attack from different angles

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Google vs. Yahoo: Heavyweights attack from different angles
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Nice comparisons between Google and Yahoo, their research budgets, the different approaches they take, and where they might be heading.

Google R&D is more than $300 million -- about 30 percent of its operating cash flow -- earmarked for capital expenditures this past year. Meanwhile, Yahoo is expected to spend $215 million to $235 million on capital expenditures, or about 20 percent of its operating cash flow.

Google also takes a more laissez faire approach toward innovation, embracing new ideas and products long before the company's management figures out how everything fits into the overall business plan
Yahoo takes a more practical approach to technology, first identifying what people want and then building or buying a product designed to give visitors one less reason to leave its Web site

Predictions please, will yahoo’s more practical multidimensional approach see its share of search grow or will Google’s larger research budget continue to see it dominate search?


Google's research % gets cut in the future

Wall street doesn't have the time for research budgets that are working on technology that lacks business objectives.

This hit of miss strategy will hurt google's valuation in the far as wall street is concerned.

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