Matt Cutts Issues Videos on SEO and Webmaster Basics



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Well its not like searching Google news.

Some notable items

that Matt mentions include:

- Multiple different snippets may appear as the description text below your page titles in the SERPs, depending on the snippet's relevancy to the search. This explains why DMOZ snippets might appear as opposed to your META descriptions.

- Google may favor BOLD over STRONG in HTML. (I bet they're changing these signals' weighting to be equalized, even as I'm typing this, tho!)

- If you don't have sufficiently unique content to justify launching thousands of sites, best not do it! (I wish they'd coordinate with MSN and Yahoo, though, because while that approach seems to still work on those engines, we can expect spammy developers to continue spawning them!)

- Be cautious about launching a new site with millions of pages all at once -- better to deploy pages with a more naturalistic growth pattern. (Defacto "sandboxing" implied!)

Those were the top items that made impression on me...

Heeeeeeeeeeeere's MATT!

It's GooTube.

I love this comment

I would love to watch the videos then again Google has decided that I can’t at the moment (I’m in China) and asks me to have patience. Any chance to youtube the videos so the rest of the world can participate

Yeah. Sure.

valid code

Well the need for valid code myth can finally be put to rest, FINALLY.

I will still

I will still continue to preach about good code. But he brought up a good point, think about all the WSYWYGs out there, whether it be web-based or like Frontpage,etc... all those programs make the worst code and soooo many people use those things. Why would Google penalize people that don't know how to code by hand, does it mean that they don't have knowledge about the industry they are writing about on their webpage?

Just happen to come accross

Just happen to come accross the fact that you can link to specific times in google video just in case anyone is interested in trying it with interesting parts. Nice work Matt.

Cool... what a happy chappy

Cool... what a happy chappy he looks!

Valid HTML Myth

Well the need for valid code myth can finally be put to rest, FINALLY.

Hmmm, I didn't interpret his comments that way. He just stated that they take certain errors into account and are a bit forgiving in what they index. Why take the chance? Validate to start and you need not worry about that aspect affecting your marketing efforts.

>Validate to start sometimes

>Validate to start

sometimes easier said than done. certain CMS software is chock full of invalid code and likely to always be so. i agree, make a pass at producing valid code but don't obsess.

>just in case anyone is interested in trying it with interesting parts.

and when you get it done, distill it to bulleted text and post it here. otherwise, i'm afraid i'm going to have to miss it.


I agree valid code is the way to go and when possible I do as much as I can to validate my websites, but I am not going pronounce to nay clients that valid code is necessary to rank.

I think that is the misconception that he was trying to clear up.

>distill it to bulleted

>distill it to bulleted text

Here ya go RC :)


You forgot to "post it here"...

Its Interesting

to see how many different ways people interpret what Matt says.

Matt Greenspan?

>different ways people interpret what Matt says

Perhaps we should refer to Matt as the Allan Greenspan of search. :)

And I still like to see the videos one day.

but all efforts till now with zilch results. Even good old proxies fail to do the job for GG video. I guess I have to take a vacation.

Wow, very professional case of blocking...

... But why?

>Here ya go RC :)

A little wordy, but the true seo language of grunts, nods, and glottal stops is hard to put into text.

You're a good man, stuntdubl, no matter what Jill says about you. Thanks.


What would really help some of the newbies if Matt set up a whiteboard right behind him and just put some of the explanations on the board behind him. Not so much as recap, but just to help tie some of the vocabulary to things we all have seen before on websites.

never got to watching the

never got to watching the video but have read the transcript and it does provoke some interesting thoughts...

3 More videos

- Session 7 -
(Google analytics, duplicate content detection)

- Session 8 -
(index update, an algorithm update, and a data refresh)

- Session 9 -
(All about datacenters)

- Session 10 -

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