YouTube Passes Myspace in Traffic - IPO on the Horizon?


New article in The Guardian states that The video sharing site has taken a 3.9% share of global internet visits a day compared with 3.35% for MySpace, according to internet analysis company Alexa.

Even more interesting is this line: $1bn (£536bn) - far more than the £332m that Rupert Murdoch paid for MySpace - has been put on the company and rumours are circulating of a possible initial public offering


No way, this company is

No way, this company is bleeding cash. After the recent Vonage IPO debaucle, people will be too hesitant.

Alexa is BS

Alexa demographic is more biased towards youtube than myspace thats the reason for the anamoly...

I really....

...wish that hacks would stop taking Alexa figures seriously.

No ipo until they can sort

No ipo until they can sort out the piracy and the lawsuit risks. Plus they need to actually make money. Loosing money every day and a great IPO ain't as easy as it was 7 years ago.

In fact, they're not even a good takeover target yet - they are operating in a space that is just a shade lighter than p2p.

Alexa Not Accurate and SEOblackhat is right

1) Regarding Alexa: I think we all remember Matt Cutt's account of how Alexa's data (shameless self-promo link) over-inflated his blog over (1/4 the traffic). It is possible that Alexa scrubbed the data for the Guardian, but we dont know that.

2) Regarding YouTube IPO: SEOBlackhat says it all.

I love YouTube as a service and what a great cultural impact it has had on the Internet. So I want to see them succeed, just not sure how that will happen.

Embedded Ads?

At the end of this (vapid) piece on online advertising comes the following quote from Julie Supan, senior director of marketing:

Now, it's thinking about inserting ads into videos posted at the site. "We are evaluating it along with the many other options available to us..."

IPO?... about a business model first.

@ gman


business model

>> how about a business model first.

Is't it obvious?, inserting TV style commericals in the video, i think they will become more profitable than most think. I think they are resisting ads now to avoid loosing users to other video sites.

All they need is to hangon for a year or so until the other video sites go down, sort the copyright thing and then insert ads.

I agree Gopi..

Part of the culture is no ads, so the longer they can hold out and improve technology/raise barriers the better. Fact is, how many of us are willing to sit thru 5 second ads prefixed to online video downloads on the news pages? Most of us seem to be ok with it, no?

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