MySpace tells Billy Bragg: It's Your Music


English folk singer Billy Bragg pulled his music off of MySpace in May due to concerns over intellectual property rights. Bragg deemed the MySpace terms of service too broad - including language which granted "a nonexclusive, fully paid and royalty-free worldwide license" to MySpace. The IHT reports that MySpace has clarified its terms of service; Billy is chuffed.



Billy Bragg could wank for England. The less places that ply his cockney whine the better.

Chaucer, eh?

Golly, that's some lineage you're lugging around there. But you do it no disservice whatsoever with such lyrical and fully formed commenting.

Just a couple of tiny points, if I may. The 'Bard of Barking'. It's a place, not a lifestyle. And it's not quite in Cockneyshire.

I don't think he's a wanker. Quite a solid bloke, really, in the long tradition of English singer/songwriter.

Whining? I defer to you.


The first vertue, sone, if thou wilt lerne, Is to restreyne and kepen wel thy tonge.

As for Billy Bragg:

He koude songes make and well endite.

Bloody hell, they'll be knocking Paul Weller on TW next...

More like the "barking of the bard"

One eare it heard, at the other out it went.

Don't even get me started on The Codfather...


... freaking hilarious!

(the comments, don't know nothing about BB or my?space)

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