AOL plans to offer free service in September


It's now official - after much speculation AOL will give away e-mail accounts and software now available only to its paying customers in a strategy shift likely to accelerate the decline in its core Internet access business.

The move to an ad dollar dominated model is upon them:

The decision, announced Wednesday by AOL parent Time Warner Inc., removes the few remaining reasons for AOL subscribers to keep paying when they already have high-speed Internet access through a cable or phone company.

The funny thing is - a lot of the people who still use (and pay for) AOL won't even realize they don't have to anymore and a lot will keep paying for it...

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catfish & crawdads

I guess they figure that there is a curtain percentage of users who will never stop using AOL, and then there are those who would use AOL services if they were free. Seems like a great bottom feeding plan.

Desperate attempt to save a sinking ship

AOL captain: Let's give away alot of free stuff and hope our market share increases while we increase our internal operating costs.

AOL first mate: But we don't really have anything to offer the market that they really need or want.

AOL captain: Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead.

AOL first mate: I think this would be a good time to inspect the life boats.

You mean they only had 5,000

You mean they only had 5,000 people stuffing all those CDs into envelopes?

Postal carriers around the US

rejoice at this news! Now if only they can stop Dell and Pottery Barn...

But not before I get my new

But not before I get my new large Dell monitor? :)

Actually, my understanding is that the Dell equipment is good, that it's the customer service that is, well, non-exemplary.

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