The "It's the Weekend, im online and Bored" Thread


So, last weekend we had a little thread for those that were online, and bored.

Here's this weekends. Sign in and tell us what you're doing...



I managed to have one of those fabled 'web free weekends' (completely by accident). :) It involved 2 christmas parties, some beer and lemons...

Sadly, Monday morning has arrived.

glass of wine

...and catching up on the forums and a couple of my sites that need looking after.

Must remember to do aff only sites from now on :)


We got 4 inches of snow off Lake Michigan with high winds. Made driving home last night from a party adventuresome. Now it's about 10 degrees F. Just went out to shovel the walks.

This afternoon I'll watch a 1934 Spencer Tracy movie I found in a bargain bin. Then Chinese take-out (curried chicken) for supper. Then watch some artsy-indie film on DVD that some fool (that would be me) put on my Netflix rental list. :|

wine wine wine ;).

laundry laundry laundry

>Sooo fun to watch Bwwwaah

>Sooo fun to watch

Bwwwaahahaha! I can picture the HUGE grin that J had when the new guy challenged him.

I'll bet the new guy is nursing more than a hangover this morning!

>did he know Hehehe, he go

>did he know

Hehehe, he got told, but apparently didn't believe it at that time.

He learned the hard way that the boss did high school greek/roman wrestling and karate, hehehe. Sooo fun to watch :)

>wrestling the boss HHH! D

>wrestling the boss

HHH! Did he know beforehand that the boss has been training in martial arts for almost a decade?

Hung over.. still.

We had the annual X-mas party in the office Friday. Great fun, greeeat fun. We "broke-in" two new employees ;)
One of them suddenly popped up and showed us a few wrestling tricks, hehehe imagine beeing the new guy the first day on the new job and having no reservations about wrestling the boss and another employee. Haha, guess you should've been there.

It's Sunday afternoone and I'm still hung over :(
Going to watch the Danes beat the crap outta the Norwegians in the womens handball Euro Champs later tho.


Oh: somebody go chime in to help NickW find out more about proxies.

That wasnt posted by me :)

Sunday morning in Spain

Its a lovely sunny morning here, my wife has just announced that it is too hot to sit on the terrace. Sun rise here is about 8am local tine (a couple of hours ago), and the sunrise over the Mediterranean was awesome in a cloudless sky today.

Great thing about affiliate work is that one can, within reason, come and go as one pleases. The view from my desk takes some of the numbness out of doing work on hotels in far off corners of the world.

Home for the holidays..

My family decided not to swap presents this year, which means more time to just hang out, visit, and generally relax. Sometimes that means we're all sitting in the same room reading books, but that's okay--we're a quiet bunch.

It's cold though. California makes you spoiled, weatherwise. Oh: somebody go chime in to help NickW find out more about proxies. DaveN, where are you? :)

Well, little time online actu

Well, little time online actually. Playing with the bub, cleaning house, got my RSS working on, though just have to get it online upon the site now, going to the beach when I get off here with wife, sone and new bub to get ice cream, then maybe a DVD tonight followed by playing catchup late tonight when the wife and bub are in bed. Anthony's quiet time I like to call it. When I get most of my work done. I seem to always end up shopping, running erins, etc during the days, and working at night. Huh!

poker and css tweaks

I am doing some serious multi-tasking... I am changing the template on to include adsense in a better location. I am also playing poker in my other monitor and watching SNL on the tv behind me...

Tried not to get killed in the crowded Target parking lot

while Christmas shopping with my kids for the stuff on their lists, which of course I have to pay for...waiting 20 minutes in the CD/Video section while my daughter agonized over what to get her boyfriend (they're 14 years old. Such pressure.) Highlight was the pet supply store next door where we watched as people brought in their dogs and cats to get their picture taken with Santa Claus. Walked out with a bag of presents for our 4 pets, one of whom couldn't wait for X-mas, so when we got back home, he found one of the balls and promptly ran off with it, only to lose it 2 minutes later.

Recovering from Chicago SES

I am still catching up on sleep from Chicago SES. And I might watch the extended edition of Return of the King while I'm at it ;)

Dinner, wine, then battlefield...

I'm having dinner with friends (Mexican food) which will include a couple bottles of wine. Then, once intoxicated, I plan to join a couple friends for some Halo 2 (X-box) carnage. (The kid in me will never die.)

I have

but over xmas im allowing myself one or two :)

I never 'gave up' - just stopped doing 4 crates a week lol...

I've always been one for excess, im trying to teach myself how to enjoy one or two.. a concept hitherto alien to me :-)

off the wagon?

Nick I thought you'd given up the beer?

>>affiliate? - Majestic give me 7.5%, you need to renegotiate....

Well, trust me, the feeling w

Well, trust me, the feeling was mutual.

I met wife my wife's family for breakfast

nuuuuuuuf said


>>I've often wondered how you had your monitor(s) set up, Nick.

Not so different from anyone else i think. 1024x728 with slightly larger default font sizes and a fair bit of customization with Firefox is all.

I tend to be fairly big on adjusting skins/contrasts etc for any new app i might use more than a couple of times and tend to discard images in favor of text buttons wherever possible..

OK! Now i get my xmas beer...

>not so far off that it's a g

>not so far off that it's a gross exageration

I've often wondered how you had your monitor(s) set up, Nick.

>advertisers dream

Hey! I usually get 5% or more of the sale! Too late to send you my affiliate code, eh?

Sounds good

I gotta wonder up the road with a torch and the dogs before i can have my christmas beer - as mrs nick w is not so mobile i have had to put "im blind, this cant be done!" to one side and actually do some of the work i really have avoided rather neatly over the years...

(im not really blind, but not so far off that it's a gross exageration..)

I'm clearly an advertisers dream :(

she said opening a bottle of Aussie shiraz.


without looking that'd be the tax right?

I payed an extra $2.50 for a 10yr domain (i think that was it) last week..

off to look..


Well, robyn is being fed, when that's done she'll have a little time with her dad before her and Ivana go to bed then i have 3 very nice Carls Jul (christmas beer from Carlsberg) waiting for me :)

I may even get my lazy bum out there and see if there's anything worth publishing on TW since i last looked...

Just stuffed my face with a c

Just stuffed my face with a chinese take away and am now finishing off the crackers, so decided to have a look at my adsense and think of more ways to scam... I mean optimise ;)

>red I like Yellowtail shi


I like Yellowtail shiraz.

oh I wish it would snow.

I'm having that nasty weekend before christmas when it's raining, you have to wrap a huge and very awkward kids toy (assembled before wrapping to save whinges on christmas day), the decorations left to do are the annoying ones that fall straight back down, you realise you haven't written christmas cards to half the people who sent you one and now I'm procrastinating online because I don't want to ice the christmas cake.

Did someone mention a cheeky red wine?

Blinds n Birds

Had some kick ass blinds installed in my flat today, nice blinds they are aswell thanks to some mad hippy from up north ;)

also finally got my telescope set up and spent 4 hours watching people, should be fun during the week when all the offices have people in them, especially the xmas parties

amazing what you can see from the 6th floor

apart from that, all the same


Let It Snow

Spent a while clearing the snow off the garden path and the car space, worked on some Russian content (supplied!) while listening to an excruciatingly bad 0-0 draw (Everton) over an internet feed, and am now watching that conceptual contradiction that is German comedy (waiting for a film) with a rather cheeky red wine.

I'm supposed to be working on

I'm supposed to be working on the details of the network sale --but you KNOW how I hate details! So I'm here reading your junk posts instead, Nick.

Bad weekend again???

Why aren't you out taking your lil'un for a walk (except that it's dark by now of course)

I can't get my head around bloggers thinking they're the centre of the universe. Everyone knows Wit is the centre, without being a blogger. They even put up a wiki just for me ;) ;) *

Agree that this weekend is totally FishED, but in my case that's because I lost a table tennis tournament today. Thought it would take my mind off things, but here I am browsing the forums again ;)

* that's what you get when seos get bored

I'll start...

Today, i have potentially pissed off a bunch of bloggers, brushed the dogs and hit my nose really hard on a lamp :-)

There is naff all going on online so i started this thread out of sheer desperation...