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Uses for Wikis?
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Like many of you I suspect, although I consider myself a seasoned pro with the CMS im a bit lost if asked the question "What could I do with a Wiki?".

Cr8 member Brad kicks the thread off with this question:

I'm sort of having trouble brainstorming possible uses for wikis, does anyone have any ideas?

Some insightful and intelligent suggestions and personal experiences from some of cre8asite's best CMS guys.

This gem from rcjordan:

For those who move between machines, I heartily recommend setting up a wiki as your workspace. I'm always accessing mine to get info or to pass a project from one machine to another. Within the coming weeks/months you're going to see a number of services to help an individual catalog the web (some similar to the bookmark engines of '99-'00), but if you have server access wouldn't you rather roll your own?