Scoble: Even I want an iPod.

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Scoble: Even I want an iPod.
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You gotta admit Apple has done a good job in starting a market, but they've done that before and lost their lead. Personally, I see too many significantly cheaper/better? alternatives to an ipod coming on the market to think Apple can keep itself from being swept into the just-one-of-many category.


iPod is dead

I finally gave in and purchased a player today, went for the Creative Zen Micro and teamed them up with Harman Soundstick speakers for home use.

Zen NX is one of mine

I have an iPod mini and a Zen NX (30 GB). I love both but depending on what I do I use different players. If I travel I always use my 30 GB one as it has more space. But when I go skiing/biking/jogging I generally use the mini as it's about half/a third of the Zen NX's weight. Very nice thingies though ;)

The soundstick speakers look quite nice, might try to get them for me as christmas present :)


i've got a creative one (not sure of model yet) on the way for xmas - the other half has an ipod, she loves it - i'm forward to my own tunes for the gym / car :)


I desperately want one, i wouldnt ever want to play music out of the house for a whole host of reasons but shit! these things are just tooo cool :)

I do worry about where to hedge my bets though? I've seen talk of compatability and 'browser wars' type affairs as different manufacturers vie for $$$'s and popularity so where do I spend my money?

I would want to podcast, and play music/vid from the widest range of sources possible - does that make sense? im a little out of my depth as i've not done any more than cursory research...

Jupiter's Joe Wilcox recently posted about iPod as a platform It's an interesting read, here's a snippet:

Apple's iPod is moving toward its own kind of platform status. Take for example the huge economy of iPod add-on peripherals cropping up (please pardon yet another pun) around Apple's music player. Other examples: Third-party applications; podcasting; heck, even Playboy's iBods that got way too much press yesterday. The soft porn silhouettes are formated for the iPod Photo screen. Playboy could have released something similar for the cell phone, another emerging platform. What other products might other vendors sell for that screen? I can think of plenty.

Every platform needs a killer application. Apple focused on the first category, music, and now is moving to photos. Initially, I skeptically regarded iPod Photo, because I saw the price as too high for what the buyer gets. I still regard iPod Photo as pricey, but see the device's merits from the platform perspective. Apparently, so does Playboy. And there will be other vendors, not just peripheral manufacturers, all looking to make money off iPod.

So, for those that clearly know more than i do, tell me, where should my money go? and what are the factors to be considered?

>as a platform Yeah, I stu

>as a platform

Yeah, I stumbled on this just earlier today

>where should my money go

Sorry, I can't help you there.

Looks neat

Now I will have to start researching linux apps before i go out and shed a few $$$'s for some hardware... thx rc

Oh yeah, I ran across this a

Oh yeah, I ran across this a week or so ago. Apparently ipods aren't tip-top in the file-handling dept.

Question: With sd cards go


With sd cards going for $65 US for 1G --why aren't I seeing more players built around them?

I love my Ipod...

But if you want a portable HD/music player go for something else. If you want a portable music player you can't go wrong with the 'pod.

Ipods are tough

I have dropped mine down steps before and it craked open, slapped it back together and it still works like new!

I tried a lot of others before I decided to get the Ipod and I would buy it again.


iPodMyPhoto is kinda funny too, from wired:

Customers upload a digital snap, choose a background color and pay. In about five days, the "iPodified" image is e-mailed back to them. A white iPod and earbud wires will even be added to the picture, if so desired.

Pod People

I'm an iPod guy. Been very happy with mine.


Well the base models better get a better and bigger screen. I can barely read mine I can't imagine wanting to really read on that little thing for any length of time.

Scoble getting a Slap for that Post

Scoble Slapped by Ed Kaim - Micheal Gartenburg said this of it:

While the iPod isn't perfect, it does remain better at what it does than competitive products. It focused on the core attributes that were most important to consumers and then carefully balanced those attributes. It's not just about adding features. Remember, the iPod and other like it are consumer electronics products. They get used differently and the masses buy them differently. Success or failure in that market is measure in millimeters, both literally and figuratively. At this point, it gets even harder as challenging the iPod isn't about just competing from a technology perspective. The iPod itself is a cultural phenomena at this point and Apple has preserved the brand equity. Note, the iPod is not a generic term for MP3 player. Consumers are very specific that they want an iPod. Not anything else.

Is there hope here? Of course. There are a lot of different ways for Microsoft to go after Apple and for Apple to remain on the defense. The overall penetration of these devices is still relatively tiny and it's hardly game over. The answer to every marketing question though isn't "start a weblog" and "target the blogosphere". Apple did neither and still owns 90% of the market :)

Nick, please let me know what

Nick, please let me know what you find out about the linux compatibility of these things!

Love my pod

Don't think I'd trade it for any other music player that I've seen for the price/ a refurb 10GB for $200 off apple store a few months ago.

I cart it back and forth to work everyday and hook it up on PC speakers at home and work...just need that line in direct car adapter now:)

>car adapter 'tis true, ca

>car adapter

'tis true, car radio/cd current configs are dead meat


>>dead meat

Too true, I have a pre-ipod car with just a base AM/FM radio. However, I use iTrip, a little FM radio transmitter that fits on my iPod and listen to it over the FM stereo. There are also cassette deck and CD player adapters available, but that little iTrip transmitter really works well.

M$ & HMV

Microsoft & HMV are teaming up to provide a digital music download service in the 2nd half of next year where HMV will also stock a range of players.

So, how long before M$ crush the iPod with a bit of kit of their own?

>Question: >With sd cards


>With sd cards going for $65 US for 1G --why aren't I seeing more players built around them?

So, I'm not the only one. From engadget:

"’ll have to think really hard about whether you still want to carry around a separate dedicated digital audio player rather than just load up one of these high-capacity cards with MP3s and pop it into your phone"

Fall Damage

And Apple are looking at a patented fall protection system for iPod:

Apple Computer is eyeing a technology that could make the iPod more likely to survive a fall.

The company has applied for a patent on technology that would allow a portable media player to detect when it is falling and then stop reading or writing to the hard drive. Such technology would work by detecting the increase in acceleration that accompanies a drop.

from cnet

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