Yahoo introduces Webmaster Central


Yahoo has expanded their Site Explorer and you can track your websites similar to Google's Webmaster Central.

We opened a little window into Yahoo! Search last year, when we launched Site Explorer. We hoped it would be useful to webmasters--providing you with information about the links to and from your site, neatly categorized and displayed in an easy-to-use interface. We've listened to your feedback, and are now ready with the next version of Site Explorer--our biggest update since December.

There is a commentary on SEW Blog

info from Tony Sodar


Yahoo Team

I know some of the Yahoos swing by here on occasion so, at the risk of being a kiss-ass, I'd like to thank them yet again for Site Explorer. Either standalone or tools we've developed atop it get used quite a bit.

does not show backlinks

does not show backlinks properly..crap

This is a very good thing, I

This is a very good thing, I can't figure out why Yahoo ignores stuff so often.

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