Google to Keep Storing Search Requests despite the AOL fiasco


It appears that Google will continue to store our search results regardless of the AOL fiasco. Full Story

I don't know how happy most of you guys / girls are with this? Mostly because of the now well known security risks as shown by AOL. I personally don't like this at all. I don't like fact that Google has an intellgence network that rivals the CIA, NSA and KGB combined.


A Quicky :)

Makes IXQuick look better all the time to me. This sort of breach of trust will happen again either by intentional release or malicious hack. Either way the security of your data is in the hands of corporate suits who have no loyalty to you and seemingly no respect for their own corporate privacy policies. Who shall guard the guardians?

"Starting today, Ixquick will permanently delete all personal search details gleaned from its users from the log files."

Gotta love that.

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A missed opportunity.

With as much negative attention as Google has gotten over the past year it would be a very good move to destroy user specific search data after so many weeks. As been pointed out the most relevant (income converting) search history is also the most recent. Maybe MSN will beat G to the punch? It's rep sure can use some help too.

from a business perspective

From a business perspective, it would be insane of them to destroy their main corporate asset - I don't see them doing that.
Its the old tale - no one is making you use them, if you don't like their practices, then don't search with them and they won't have your data.
If this worries you do you also never use a credit card online?

On the flip side, I'm not sure that there is an inherent risk in their holding the data - AOL *released* the data stupidly. Nobody ever called Google dumb!

For those slightly above John Q

You can flush your cookies and many here could also pop their IPs being on adsl or other forms of dynamically assigned IPs. I have a new IP at least once a day. On the 'work' PC I have firefox to only hold cookies per session.

Best of Both Worlds

Why not keep the search data just destroy the ability to tie it back to anyone after 30/60/90 days.

Playing devils advocate, I wonder how much you could learn about someone by looking at their delicious account.

I doubt they will ever get

I doubt they will ever get rid of it unless they were forced to legally.

AOL good for Google/Yahoo! business

If anything the AOL "disaster" helped Google and Yahoo! sell their search assets to commercial entities. Now it's quite clear ho wmuch canbe learned from search data; before it was conjecture.

DOJ and DHS to follow suit ...

Only instead of using a purchase order, they'll use a court order.

Of course, it will require an always on fiber connection on an ongoing basis to their subcontractor the NSA.

The new meaning of "dark fiber"

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