Google Video replaces Froogle - Screen shot


Google Video has replaced Froogle on the main page navigation of Google. This is in my opinion a big deal, it shows the direction Google is heading with video content.Google Video Screenshot

It looks like SEO is well moving towards Video Optimization, Search Optimization, News Optimization as well as Blog Optimization (for Blogsearch).

SEO's have plenty of work ahead.



Froogle is worthless in my opinion because its so dominated by ebay. If I wanted to see what ebay had, i'd go to ebay. If it was every other site in the world but ebay and amazon, it may have a purpose.

Maybe froogle is going to be just another one of those beta projects that gets no support anymore from google, like groups.

worse yet,

Google groups has been removed from the main top menu.

No longer can you search the web and then decide to carry the search over to newsgroups for more targeted content.

Pretty bad for a supposed bunch of geeks to push usenet back to an afterthought.

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