ABC Don't know how to search for terror


Imagine the scenario. You're sitting at your laptop early one Monday morning and you hear a knock on the door. "Come in", you holler, expecting the postman (as it's that time of the day) bringing a bundle of junk mail, bills and cheques and you find that what greets you is a camera crew with a tall, strawberry blonde (Ginger by any other name) moustach wearing journo heading the pack.

It seems that after a bit of a chat that journos, even TV journos from established and (sic) respected news organisations such as ABC don't understand the difference between a D and a G. On top of that they don't yet have the ability or understanding to try a search engine, whether that be a major (G, Y or M) or specific (Companies House) search, when they are looking to place a story based on recent terror events in UK airports.

Just for the record it has been alleged that "a charitable organistion" based on the same (large) industrial estate that my main offices are situated upon is a funding route for the recent terror events in London.

I am based in Unit D, but it seems that Unit G is the registered address for an organisation registered in the UK as CRESCENT RELIEF (LONDON) Ltd. and that because G and D sound alike then that is a reason for a "doorstep"

Also for the record I do not know who Crescent Relief are, and I am not insinuating that they were set up as a charity to raise funds for the Pakistan Earthquake but in reality used as a funding route for terror, nor am I suggesting that they are linked to plots to blow aircraft from the sky. I am simply saying that I wish journos learnt how to plan and prepare their doorstepping endevours, that they learnt how to use search effectively and that because G and D sound alike isn't reason enough to give me an early morning heart attack!


but after it is in print the

but after it is in print the D is a G ;)

Derka derka

Derka derka

You were lucky... wasn't the Rozzers, they seem to be able to make the same mistakes and they brandish more than just mikes when they come through the door.

Frequent flights to

Frequent flights to Poland..? TERRORIST DIE!!!

they are the event

Didn't you know, Jason? Those TV news people *are* the news. And now so are you. Much more interesting to the common man than that other, complicated stuff.

I know it sounds all too

I know it sounds all too funny but talk about schpincter tightening!

Thought you knew better ...

Sounds like a 'bad neighbourhood' penalty to me ...

Red Cross, Red Crescent Relief

Were they looking for just Crescent Relief or Red Crescent Relief?

Red Crescent Relief is what Red Cross uses in those countries that don't like to see that religious symbol of the CROSS in their neighborhood, so to avoid being shot at, bombed or burned alive they use the Red Crescent in those areas.

Go figure that people are picky about who helps them in a time of crisis.


Thanks for sharing your entertaining day. I think it's 'doorstop' dude... not doorstep.

So did you get any cards from them for when you do want them to turn up for your story?

Did they end up catching up with the group and interviewing them?

Not the only one

I had a journalist turn up at my home the other month - fortunately, I live in a gated community and the concierge wouldn't let him in.

It transpires that there are two people living in London, UK with the same name - and one of them is associated with the lobotomy that is the Big Brother TV show.

For the record - I am not that person !

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