Seo Blackhat Starting Exclusive Forums


seoblackhat has started a private forum at

The cost is $100.00 a month or $1,000.00 per year for membership. Can't wait to hear readers opinions on this one.

From the site:

Forum Membership Benefits

Access to Expert Advice and Discussions
We have both White Hat and Black Hat Experts that are already benefiting from new tool development, techniques, scripts and the sharing of ideas.
Some members you may already be familiar with include:

* CountZero from (Black Hat)

* RSnake from (Web Security Expert)

* Dan Kramer from Kloakit (Cloaking Expert)

* Jaimie Sirovich from (Token White Hat / SEO Geek)

There are several other members that you are certainly familiar with who are using handles for anonymity. We have others who are more focused on security, vulnerabilities, and coding. There are still more that you are likely unfamiliar with but are nevertheless web millionaires.

Databases – Large Datasets
If you want your sites to have massive amounts of unique content you need large data sets. The trading, discussion and posting of large data sets is going on right now on our forums.

Expired / Deleted Domain Tools
Want to use to use the same domain Tool that I used to get a Page Rank 6 site in the Gambling Space for just $8? This domain tool is available for members to use for free.

50% off on Kloakit – The Professional Cloaking Software

Scripts – Several useful scripts have already been posted – interesting thing you may not have thought of before are being discussed and developed.

Exploits and Case Studies: The really good stuff I can’t talk about on the SEO Blackhat Blog is being discussed on the SEO Black Hat Forums. Right now, some of the conversations include beating captchas, domain kiting, data mining, hoax marketing, XSS vulnerabilities as they relate to SEO, and much more.


I have all that NOW

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Why in the world...

would anyone pay to see what happens naturally in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

If you want to see how BlackHat SEO works, just search for 'buy viagra'

It's a stunning example of spam at it's worst.

It can fly

I think this can fly quite well, but I would not pay (at least not under my own name :-)

There are so many self-helpers out there, and this is a full year of promises for the cost of an SEO audit. Many, many people will spend that money and feel it was worth it, even if they end up hiring an SEO to clean things up afterwards.

I am no longer surprised when I discover the little old lady with the quilt site owns a copy of IP-Delivery, and *almost* got it working on her 11 doorway domains. What's $100/month for a treasure map?

By the way, it's nice to see someone actually price a forum at a point where it might be able to sustain itself as a quality resource.

It might be worth paying for

It might be worth paying for just to get rid of the wannabes who contribute nothing and are just fishing for info. That's why I cannot be bothered to read syndk8.

Price it at 1000 a month so only really serious people can join and I might be interested ;)

Why pay when you can start

Why pay when you can start your own forum and invite a bunch of top black hats for free.

I think the noobs would pay

I think the noobs would pay to see what the old timers are saying. Who would pay for a year until they knew what it was like. Sort of like paying annual membership for the gym.

Crap feature.. Great Marketing tool..

..when used correctly.

Just show last member with nicks like daven, jasond, gimpy and see how many people will join just to think they are talking with the real person.


That one might not have quite the right effect.

Takes more than a

Takes more than a subscription fee to bring quality: it won't necessarily keep the wannabe's out.

... the real challenge will be maintaining the consitency (and usefulness) of that quality going-forward - And that can be tough where, presumably, the bulk of the membership (or rather: the members that do know what they're talking about), are busy doing it for themselves.

There comes a point with a small membership-base where everyone has shared what they're willing (or able) to and then the job can become quite tough when there's a paying audience (with busy lives) involved.

I wish quadzilla the best of luck with it, I really do - I might join but if I was to be ultra-truthful for a sec; the very fact it's now been pimped on TW puts me off a tad... and that's not an indictment against TW; it's testament to TW being industry mainstream...

If Syndk8 isn't a sign that BH is becomming mainstream, then this surely is and it saddens me slightly... particularly now there seems to be a commercial motivation creeping into it - Whatever happened to trust and honour amongst thieves 'n' all that eh?! That trusted kinship born from knowing you can trust and rely on your comrades-in-arms because of shared battles or because of the "trusted" grapevine. They're the best clubs to join - Mutual reliance.

Charge an entrance fee and I owe you jack-shit - You owe me. I can walk away anytime I want and tell everyone who'll listen what I found out... that's the difference.


Want to Learn SEO? Visit Wikipedia

If the forum was the last SEO forum on the web, maybe.

Black hat to my mind is any online practice where the end goal is increasing revenue, instead of empowering the end-user. In that sense, alot of us are black hats whether we like to think so, or not.

from experience

A#1 problem: Who vets the prospective member? Cash won't do it, as mentioned above. Nor will creditcard sign-ups keep out those who are in the opposite camp. Those representing your target-du-jour could easily have their brother-in-law or some innocuous LLC they own do the signing up.

#2: The members that DO get in make lousy gatekeepers. If anything, they get more and conservative about who to let in and it becomes in their immediate best interest to start excluding everyone else. Over the long run, of course, it gets too exclusive and there's a serious lack of critical mass.

Blackhat or whitehat, the game is all about who you trust. That's why the bars and pubs around conferences are the real reason to go (and why roadshow exists) --not to walk away with the latest script or tool, but to come away with an idea of who might be trustworthy, who might really keep a confidence, who won't just take your idea and run with it.

You can't sell what I really want, you have to have it and be willing to give it away. And I'm not speaking about script and tools here, either. What I want to know is if you will keep your word EVEN WHEN IT HURTS. And here's the kicker, you'll want the same thing from me.


So do they just give you tools? Since they are black hats, maybe they are just cheating you out of a membership fee as well. hehe

How to have a virtual-venue where real dialog happens?

Its a problem without a real fix. I don't think having a paid forum is the answer, if that were the case then the signal to noise ratio at webmasterworld's paid section would be better than the free section but it isn't.

With private forums it seems the question is how to keep it vibrant and also keep the trust factor.



The fact they have the cajones to ask for $100 a month makes me like them. And, it makes me laugh at the same time.


Guy, I consider myself among the most cynical, but hey! The fact that it costs real money means the organizers make real revenue and if they are serious then they work hard. Those guys have proven they work hard already. You don't need to trust them - it's a hundred bucks. If it doesn't provide value, as always you can leave. HOWEVER, several of those names have contributed good knowledge for free on the wbe in the past, so why not expect more of the same in a private forum?

I see the key here to be the revenue... 500 users with 10% active means 50 users can drive the focus. With 500 * 100 = $50k/month revenue those guys will pay attention to their customers, adding value on that defined focus. Sure it's BH stuff, but what would it cost you to pass ideas and ask questions of a consultant at that level? And, if those active 50 turn out to be any good, you're getting a collective consult as well.

I think that for those who know how to use information (without trusting it blindly), that is a very good value IMHO. No, I don't have any interest, don't get a promotional consideration, and don't even know these guys...

sounds like it's working already

We're drumming up conversation about the decision for good or bad. If only as an idea to draw in new people - I'm guessing it works. Not to pass judgement either way, it works as a way to draw people in (let's just hope they're satisfied when they get there).

>who might really keep a confidence
Yep. No forum at any price will ever tell you that, and it's even tough at the pub some time. Hit it on the head of why there is no substitute for face time over a pint or two.

>have all that now
How much for YOURS? :)

>How much for YOURS the cost

>How much for YOURS

the cost of an IM message

Blackhat? Blackhead!

Why would any blackhead want to give away his secrets? About as likely as G publishing the secret sauce recipe. Waste of time, if it wasnt ALL the wanabes, like me, would be coughing up. Count me out. I got money, but not to waste.

i don't like the black background :p

his blog rocks so im sure he'll find some good discussions for the forum too :)

No big deal

For $100 you got a month to peak under the hood. I'd be surprised if I didn't get $100 in value out of a month's subscription - and I'm pretty much whitehat. Sometimes even the back to basics posts set off things in my brain that would make it worth that much.

I think it also comes down

I think it also comes down to scale and where you are at the moment.

If you are brand new to the market then anything that could help you learn while potentially lowering the amount of noise you would have to wade through to learn has great value.

If you have been in the market a while and are one who focuses heavily on the numbers $100 probably shouldn't mean that much in the grand scheme of things, so just a few tips (or maybe one good tip) should pay for it.

Substance or hype?

I may be a bit of a hag with number crunching, but with nearly a 3-1 ratio in Members:Threads at the site so far, (295 members, 108 threads) makes me wonder if the whole '$100 to get more ‘PROs' or whatever theory, is working?

Search Engine Watch has a 1:1 ratio
Search Engine Roundtable has ‘More’ threads than Members actually.

So for me, at a cursory view, shows it may be a lesson in ‘Viral marketing’ more than anything. It sure looks like there are a lot of ‘watchers’ on their forums, even with the $100 price tag.

Sure I may find a ‘few’ tidbits or ‘one good tip’, it just looks like the jury is out on it. I will still be playing in the free world (OK, I did Give WMW some $$ )….


hahaha isn't this the same blackhat that called jenstar a spammer ... sorry quadzilla i couldn't help myself ... hehehe



I think ratios of threads or posts to membership is a poor signal of quality. Some of the larger forums are so full of shit that it takes an hour to find a) the point and 2 hours to find b) a good point. So, what is your time worth?

$100/mo is cheap for the right audience. If Threadwatch became donation or subscription based I'd plunk down here, too. So far, compared to some of the godawful fees I pay for other subscription sites, I feel like there's enough value derived from Quad's new site to merit another month's subscription. Hell, one of the case studies gave me $100 worth of laughs the first day.

One has to wonder...

hahaha isn't this the same blackhat that called jenstar a spammer

Yeah, that would make me wonder about the smarts involved in that forum...

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