AOL Weblogs Accused of Spamming Digg


Over on Digg there's a big bru-haha brewing over the acusations that AOL/Weblogs is being accused of self-spamming Digg. There's some data here, and also a link to an alleged shill account that bookmarked over 500 items in 24 hours.

The allegations go something like this within minutes of a story going up on a weblogs site an internal email gets sent out asking staffers to "digg" the post. According to some of the data there is a "commonality" of items that have been "dugg" between users, and in some cases timestamps for the "digs" are within minutes of the stories being published. Now this may or may not be true, but do to the disjointed way the "evidence" is presented and lack of substance to back up the claims it's a bit hard to point to a smoking gun at this stage. No word yet from Jason Calacanis on the subject.


So there is no such thing as bad publicity?

You have to wonder...Maybe AOL did this whole thing to get some media attention? It's a stupid move, but when has AOL done anything right?

So is that how you make

So is that how you make Nescape look good? Spam the shit out of competing channels. Sad and funny. Very AOLish.

Wouldn't be surprised if it

Wouldn't be surprised if it was Jason's idea....

variation on a theme

Very AOLish.

is really,

Very WEB 2.0 'ish

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