Blogger upgraded


Blogger upgraded ....
Dynamic pages, acdess control, labels, layouts, feeds, dashboard and google accounts ...

see the full details in


BP speaks I MUST listen.

BP speaks I MUST listen. Thanks for the news mate

what is blogger? :) i have

what is blogger? :)

i have always used Wordpress on my own hosted domains with unique IP's to separate me from spammers.

got a question for you guys, do "blogger" blogs do as well as blogs hosted elsewhere?

i have found a few blog networks like that do better and are full of high quality sites but you have to turn over you adsense dollars to them to use.

more control for Google

It looks like WordPress.

Blogger moves to Google Accounts, so your account will be more secure and you don't have to remember extra credentials.

No more static pages - it's now a dynamic CMS so G can fiddle on the fly, whether you republish or not.

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