old laptop + one of these = wireless jukebox

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old laptop + one of these = wireless jukebox
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Netgear's MP101 Digital Music Player


we've got one in the office

and it's great.

well worth the money since now we can pinch the remote off each other and not always have the person with the software control what we listen to.

Although in an office with 9 men all experienced in hogging the remote I still have to resort to violence sometimes :)


I just ordered (made loud xmas hints to ivana..) some Harman soundstick 2's as recommended by NFFC - i know nothing of sound so took a punt that maybe he did...

>recommended by NFFC

>recommended by NFFC

You're on a dangerous path, Nick ...no one can piss away money as fast as NFFC.

they were'nt too expensive..

about $160 which with the current excange rate was quite doable in danish kroner...

Yeah, but that was just his "

Yeah, but that was just his "before coffee" buying.

I was just about to post that..

...my spending days were over. Then I noticed I was urgently looking to aquire this little gizmo for xmas.


ours are small but perfectly formed

that without the woofer.

btw that link has to be a candidate for cruddy url of the year?

OOooooh, that IS nice. (I bo

OOooooh, that IS nice. (I bought those LED fireflies, they were disappointing.)

cruddy url of the year

Sorry, I was just working on improving their link text, Gurtie.

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