Wholesale Cart Adoption or Bad Icon Push?


Judging by cart icons displaying in G$$G SERPs it looks like G$$G checkout has been universally adopted but I'm wondering if its just stealth promo to appear "adopted by the masses" as I'm seeing Ebay ads sporting the icon, along with some oddities like CNN ads inked to articles. I checked 4 or 5 carts and found no checkout facility as promised via AW.

Is cart adoption as widespread as the SERPs say or is this a stunt?


Cleaned up

The icons seem to have disappeared now but was nice to have a glimpse at the world according to google.

Interesting idea hardball,

Interesting idea hardball, thank God they removed that icon clutter, that is over the top and I am not sure the world would be ready for that. Maybe as an option for Google Toolbar users?

I'd love to see what it did

I'd love to see what it did to CTR, the little icon really does scream "ADVERTISEMENT".

Not Sure What it meant

I saw that this morning on sites I advertise with that don't use google checkout, but do use google conversion tracking. Not sure if it was a glitch, test or some thing else.

More clicks or fewer?

Maybe people clicked, lured by the promise of free Google stuff if their transaction went sour.

And think of all those poor manatee sticker enthusiasts.

You learn something new...

I had completely missed this story about the manatee in the Hudson - thanks!


Bad Icon Push


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