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The inffamous Traffic Logic were slammed by a WebmasterWorld newbie for alledgedly burning his site.

The thread has been deleted. But an anonymous source at wmw emailed the story. Here it is:

A year or so ago I got a call from a very aggressive TrafficLogic salesman. I
had just launched my site and was still a bit naive. The pitch: give us
US$2500 and we'll build a stand-alone informational site devoted soley to you,
designed to rank and send traffic your way for a chosen list of keywords: an
'All About Widgets' site which then recommends a link on each page to only one
widget company--yours. There were no fees charged to build the site; the
entire $2500 was an advance payment toward clickthroughs at only US$0.05 per.

The site worked. In fact it was pretty super. They provided excellent, highly
detailed tracking reports, and sent a real decent amount of quality traffic my

But then things started dramatically changing:

--They built sites for all my competitors, optimized for the exact same
keyword phrases, something I had specifically asked about in the beginning,
and which their hustling salesman adamantly assured me would not happen.

--They set up AdSense on the site. All ad revenue goes to TrafficLogic (of
course) and the ads do nothing except highlight all my worst competitors at
the top of every page. I complained; they removed the ads.
But then they've put them back again.

--The final straw: that stand-alone site devoted only to my business has now
been converted and merged into a visual mess known as ArticleInsider, a
conglomeration of all their clients onto one big, awful site. Visits and
clickthroughs have been reduced 60 to 75 percent. In other words, I now get
25-40 percent of the former traffic.

Yuck. I've paid to create a monster which possibly sends more traffic to my
competition than to me.

What upsets me is that they continue to grow, and prey upon newbies such as I
was when I started. I've since read tons here at WebmasterWorld, and from my
own labors my own site now ranks on the first page for circa 50 money
keywords, most within the top 3. I'm wise enough now that I could build my own
stand-alone site (though I wouldn't; better to add more pages to one main

TrafficLogic will continue to prey upon the ignorant...They call Overture
advertisers and the pitch is: 'you're currently bidding 50¢ per click or
whatever on Overture--how would you like unlimited clicks at 5¢ each?'. Sounds
good, sure. So, if you've just started with PPC advertising, beware. You're
probably in their sights for a cold-call pitch. You know, the pests who call
and ask to speak with the person in charge of advertising...

One bit of brilliant advice which has proven invaluable, from a former
Anytime anyone calls YOU to pitch something--as opposed to you seeking them
out--be cautious. Heads the opinion of this site owner, if you wanna
hear it: TrafficLogic blows. TrafficLogic sucks. Watch your back.

I dont know how true or not this may be but I thought you'd like to see it. I was under the impression that TL was sponsoring wmw's conference this nov. Is that not the case anymore or am i mistaken entirely?


you are correct

I think the decision to shift to use the name InfoSearch media was that people were confusing them with Traffic Power. Traffic Logic / Article Insider are part of InfoSearch Media.

if you look at the WMW sponsors page InfoSearch Media is the Premier Platinum Sponsor.

Thanks for the clarification

If memory serves that post would have gone regardless of the fact that the company is sponsoring wmw's conference. Thanks to the guy that sent me the post, it's interesting stuff...

Those that disappear

WMW do have a problem with gratuitous spamming of one sort or another, from URL dropping to libelous attacks...

..trouble is if you bin all the interesting ones, then all that is left is fairly insipid fare...

..."my site is not listed on DMOZ" and "Whoopee, my AdSense cheque has arrived" may be all that is left in the end.

A difficult problem to solve

Too true, but there is little

Too true, but there is little they can do I think, they're just too big to deal with the moderation these days perhaps, the tos's are pretty strict, which is fine and bearing in mind the numbers of posts quite understandable.

Welcome to cornwall, nice to have you here ;-) I remember you from wmw when i was still posting there..

Traffic Logic Works For Me

Hmm. I have used Traffic Logic for almost 2 years now and am pretty happy with the results. It seems that the person who made that post was happy at first, and then had problems. I went through the same process of changes at Traffic Logic, but have not experienced any adverse effects. The merging of sites into Article Insider actually increased my traffic quite a bit (about 10-15%). I guess each client is going to have a different experience but just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.

And with regard to Traffic Logic having multiple clients in the same industry, I can see why that would be upsetting, but I don't think it is unethical. We all sell similar (or the same) products within one industry. I don't think it's fair to criticize them for that. If they have something of value to sell, then they should be able to sell to whoever they choose - you're not forced to buy it. But buying it and then getting mad because your competitors bought it too seems silly and unrealistic.

thumbs down

I had a client who used traffic logic. their traffic was cut by about 60% when the sites were merged. additionally my client is none too happy with the competing adsense ads on the site.

Always a concern...

if you don't actually own the site built for you.

But I have to agree with the current client of TL when they say that the person was happy with TL when it was working.

So why doesn't this original poster simply cancel their campaign?

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