M$ Attacks Firefox over Security Issues - No, Really....

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How can I trust Firefox?
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Peter Torr of Microsoft attacks Firefox over, would you beleive, security issues...

In Peters blog post threadlinked above he talks mainly from a point of code signing - meaning that the way you download and install firefox is insecure and is open to maliciious exploits. It's a long post with screenshots, so here's just a small snippet to give you an idea of the tone. Check out the complete post for the real deal.

Not only does this software come from a completely random university server, but I have no way of checking if it is the authentic Firefox install or some maliciously altered copy. (I sure hope those 10 million people who have downloaded Firefox so far haven't all download backdoors into their system...). Since "You should only run software from publishers you trust" and since the publisher cannot be verified, I should click Don't Run (which is, thankfully, the default).

As Slashdot point out, some of this stuff could actually bear looking into...

Thoughts and opinions TW'ers?


Sleeping Giant


When you poke and awaken a sleeping giant, you better be prepared for all out battle. They don't like to lose and they have more money than many countries.

Go get 'em Firefox. Fix any real vulnerabilities MS has pointed out, and quickly.

did anyone see the 'linux will cost too much' story?

the Reuters link isn't working now so I'll drop one to herewhich includes a quote - it was just after the really cheap boxes with cut down o/s were heavily promoted in Asia and Ballmer gave a long speech explaining why everyone who used linux now would actually have to pay a fortune in damages in the future.

Can we get the quote?

Can we get the quote please gurtie?

wonder why no ones seems to have the original now?

Linux violates more than 228 patents, according to a recent report from a research group, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said at the company's Asian Government Leaders Forum in Singapore.

"Someday, for all countries that are entering the WTO (World Trade Organization), somebody will come and look for money owing to the rights for that intellectual property," he added.

I can't find the original story anywhere after a quick search but there seems to have been some rapid backpedalling soon after

I cant get it either...

so thanks for that Gurtie..

I am quite biased..

..having suckled at the teat of MS for a while ;O) but I think Microsoft is at its best with competition. I think a decent competitor to Microsoft in any arena is a good thing for all of us. I think it is a shame there are so many people who forget the good things they do. A lot of the time it seems people are bitter about MS because A) its the done thing (peer pressure) B) they don't know any better (lazyness) or C) its a successful company so it MUST be evil (maybe jealousy - people hated IBM before MS, and some hate Google now)

I think it would do the Firefox peeps well if they treat the points made seriously and address them rather than blow rasberries.

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