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Speech takes on search engines
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The BBC have a report threadlinked above on Scottish invention that was launched in November this year.

People visiting Speegle can select one of three voices to read the results of a query or summarise news stories from sources such as the BBC and Reuters.

"It is still a bit robotic and can make a few mistakes but we are never going to have completely natural sounding voices and it is not bad," said Speegle founder Gordon Renton.

"The system is ideal for people with blurred vision or for those that just want to search for something in the background while they do something else.

Sounds like a crap idea to me and not much use to visually impaired despite the seeming benefit - i'd rather have my software tuned to my needs and read out pages according to those needs.

Has anyone tried it?


Too much publicity for Speegle..

..I guess its getting too much traffic all of a sudden, cannot get in to it!

IMHO Nick You're Missing The Point

We're not just talking (no pun inteneded) about a talking web page here, we're talking about a talking search engine - which of course is perfect for those mobile apps where screen real estate is at a premium.

One of the areas of growth I would be looking at in the next few years is the voice activated - voice response search facility.

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