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Danny posts a nice article at SEW looking at Search Engine bloggers, and comments on "Speaking Unofficially: Search Engine Bloggers." at SES. Four (supposedly) prominent bloggers (apparently) revealed how this extracurricular activity has affected personal life, the firms they work for and the industry as a whole.

There was a time when Jeremy Zawodny was simply a Yahoo! employee!, Matt Cutts a Google software engineer, Gary Price a librarian and Niall Kennedy a self-proclaimed feed syndication geek.

Are these guys really saying anything, or is is pure spin manipulated by their PR departments?

Cutts is firm about his stance. "I work on quality and that's it. If someone perceives you as a shill, you become less than useless." He does send particular pieces to legal when concerned about being fair and accurate.

Zawodny and Price, however, have a more formal relationship with their PR teams. They recognize that blogs are perceived as news, and as Zawodny notes, sometimes his PR team will send an email stating "we're watching (wink, wink)."

My own view is that Matt has so much independent wealth in stocks that he can afford to be more independent! If Google fire him, then so be it! But whether any of them write much of value can be debated.


I consider Zawodny pretty

I consider Zawodny pretty independent. Remember his rant about Yahoo! Finance? You could feel his frustration coming through, and shortly afterwards Y! Finance launched some changes..

Niall just left Microsoft, so I guess he's independent too. :)

It's interesting to read

It's interesting to read Matt's blog because you can see the intelligence behind it. He walks such a fine line, always saying something, never saying everything and he shows incredible patience and maturity dealing with comments and flames of every kind . . . you never really see him loose his cool even when you can sense a smidge of frustration on his keystrokes.

Every response is calculated (or at least seems to be) to drive a specific response or message. He's still astroturfing - but he's so good at it’s like watching an artist at work. I doubt you will ever see Matt write something like that Yahoo Finance article – not in that tone anyway.

For an april fools gag, I think it would be great to see matt have a total meltdown and actually tell people what he REALLY thinks.

Thick Skin

Yea I really do gotta hand it to you matt, despite the fact you do get hard time (sometimes even from me) you never manage to lose your cool. Although it would be pretty funny if you "lost it" at a conference similar to the way Kirk did on that old SNL skit.

That's one big balloon

It all ‘smacks’ a bit of ..er… manure.

There are few outside of my SE dealings that know any of these fine folks. Not in other sectors (financial/legal) or markets (real estate/retail/ecommerce).
Nor in my personal life does anyone have a clue who Matt or Danny are. When I explain it, little changes in that regards.

Actually I am sure if you polled the staff at our Web dev company, no more that say, 30% would. Much ado about nuttin'? Who knows...

It sure makes for some fun parties though. At least from what I read on their..uh.. Blogs… oh what am I missing….

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