Movable Type Should Listen to Comment Spammers

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Movable Type 3.14 released
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SixApart have just released MT 3.14 which addresses some of the server load issues relating to comment spam.

They appear to have made no progress toward solving the root problem though. Over the weekend I wrote about The Solution to Blog Spam where a number of folks talked about how to actually deal with the problem head on.

Some of the folks in that thread (but certainly not all!) have experience with comment spamming from the spammers end. Although i didn't go much past the testing phase, i cobbled together a relatively sophisticated bot myself for just that purpose. Many issues conspired to stop me from embarking on a blog bothering mission of awesome proportion but the point is, many spammers would be quite happy to talk about ways to solve the problem.

Are SixApart listening? Are they bollocks...


I don't blog spam. OK, there was that fun little test just to see them squeel, but other than that, none.


Having been allowed a peek at the 'gears' of some high-impact scripts, I'm confident in saying that the offense has capabilities that the defense hasn't even considered yet.

That said, the root of the problem is that even if every currently attended blog was outfitted with the latest and greatest defense mechanisms there will always be a great sea of blogs out there left in wide-open mode. Everything is a numbers game, and in this sector the numbers side w/ the spammers.

I am still wondering, how wil

I am still wondering, how will they combat my army of Indian house wife blog spammers? They do such a great work :)

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