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A pretty facinating read at FC threadlinked above detailing Malcom Gladwell's past present and future - Gladwell is author of "The Tipping Point" - i've not read it but you'd have to have had your head in a bucket since 2000 not to have heard of it right?

But nowhere is Gladwell's influence being felt more than in business. Starbucks' Howard Schultz publicly attributed his company's success to the tipping-point phenomenon. The public- relations agency Ketchum created what it infelicitously named an "Influencer Relationship Management" database that emulates Gladwell's model of connectors, mavens, and salesmen. One tech company even named itself TippingPoint Technologies Inc. The mere mention of his name to creative directors or product developers results in nouns not typically associated with business thinkers: He's a rock star, a spiritual leader, a stud.

This story really makes me want to go out and buy his books (inc. the new one "Blick"), for those that have read him, are they really that good?


Malcolm Gladwell recently gav

Malcolm Gladwell recently gave a speech.

Also he is still cool enough to answer his emails when you email him...or at least he was a few months ago ;)

after you are done reading Tipping Point His new book Blink comes out in 3 already preordered up :)

Hurumph :O(

I preordered it from the link in seth godins blog yonks ago and amazon cancelled it not long after. Glad to see can preorder again.

Tipping Point is a good read but not sure it makes him a rock star? Surely he would have to snort gak, shag supermodels and throw cosumer electricals out of hotel windows? .. maybe he does .. ;O)

Tipping Point

It's sound. While some arguments are flawed, the central theme is spot on, especially on the web. It's all about who you know, not what.

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