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Amazon: Giving Away The Store ~OR~
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...There Goes The Neighborhood: Datafeeds, Love 'Em or Hate 'Em


This is new?

I thought Amazon had an open API for there entire store for a while now...the thing that caught my attention was that sweet sounding site at the beginning... amazon+netflix+???? =$$$$$ , who wants to code something like that for ol werty?

And as for the "Datafeeds, Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?", only love here.

It is old..

But just drawing larger attention it seems - it started in 2002 and very good it is too - i still have a couple of cobweb shrouded monstrosities out there that i just cant take down cos the pennies continue to roll in...

You can mix and mash all kinds of web services into it, their are all manner of API's that you could do interesting stuff with in conjunction with AWS for both user and engines - like the Google API for example - mix that with creative use of RSS and you have an application...

Spamazon is way fun for programmers :)

Ho hum

What with not having a clue how to (cheaply!) get around the sandbox and the dupe content penalties, I havent been able to make datafeeds work :O(

>This is new? who wants to

>This is new?

>who wants to code something like that for ol werty?

HHH! We think alike, werty.

Yes, I DOUBLE-CHECKED to be sure it was a new article --it is, ummm, hot off the press.

The real point in my posting is that feeds are going mainstream w/ JohnQ, so the "There goes the neighborhood" comment is really more directed to you and me.

I am very intrigued ...

I didn't know you could do this with amazon stuff, but I am very intrigued ...

Do people use your shopping cart or Amazon's? Or could it go either way?


There is an API for the cart but (at least last time i looked) the purchase still has to happen at the amazon site...

When i played with it it was rubbish, but that was quite some time ago so no doubt it's improved a fair bit since then..

Grn, there were (are?) severa

Grn, there were (are?) several out there licensing Amazon feed handlers. There are also dozens (probably hundreds, really, but I'll just say dozens) of other datafeeds and apps to handle them. The apps run the gamut from canned, semi-custom, to pure custom. Generally, I'd say the merchant handles the cart, but top affiliates do often get white label and/or co-branded checkouts.

Now, what this article did NOT go into is the impact of the SE dup filters on massively distributed datafeeds using widely distributed apps to handle them (generally run straight out of the box) --think about it.

>>think about it.

I do a lot

I still haven't worked out exactly what happens there.... does anyone have the absolute definitive answer?


The affiliate will display the products they want to display or all of the products and have buy now buttons that take you to the merchant. The "added value" the affiliate brings is either in terms of more description, reviews, etc, just styling or .. nothing. It's nice to almost do an adsense kinda thing by displaying a relevant product on a page, for example the thread on gladwell could have displayed his book with a buy now button. Some people go as far as doing their own clone of amazon. The feed/api is for most people just info about products (ignoring add to basket), what you do with it is up to you.

sorry - I wasn't very clear on the question

I mean we offer affiliate schemes and white labels on behalf of lots of clients and I'm still undecided what's the best way to approach the dupe content problem, since I'm not sure how much of a problem it'll turn out to be.

There's a benefit in allowing white labels to be spidered and you can't exactly stop it with xml but it's either a lot of work for the client having two descritions or risking a dupe penalty on the parent site. Don't know which is the bigger evil.

over since months

The datafeed hight was in december 03/january 04 imho. Still lots of them out there but not ranking nearly as good as earlier. I saw lots of SERPs where Amazon was not in the top 10 for their products and others/me had the top 10 spots. Much better these days

>Don't know which is the bigg

>Don't know which is the bigger evil.

Well, the answers I've seen so far range across the board, and none of them seem to really know either. I know one AM who is very concerned on this issue and he does his best to place feeds with those AFFs who will not use cookie-cutter build scripts --but he appears to be the exception among AMs. Most seem to be just hoping that there really isn't a problem because they manage for the (short-term) money and don't want to see any hindrances to their blanket-the-earth marketing plan.

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