DMOZ editor charged $350 dollars to get 'reviewed'


DMOZ Editor charged 350 bucks to get listed, even had a broken down timeframe based on what you paid him directly. Published is his 'rates'. He did get 'fired' from the job after this story.

To get reviewed:
Within a year: $50.00
Within 6 Months: $75.00
Within 3 Months: $90.00
Within 1 Month: $125.00
Within 2 Weeks: $180.00
Within 1 Week: $225.00
Within 3 Days: $275.00
Within 24 hours: $300.00
ASAP: $350.00


DMOZ Sabotage

Sweet ... can't get into the category you want because there is already an editor, then just narc on the guy who has the spot currently. Set up a nice trail of evidence to get him/her busted wait 30-60 days and apply yourself.

Opportunity lost

He should have resold the services... He could have charged $200 for being listed in one week and simply pocketed the difference.

Funny I have to admit

If this wasn't such a horrible story of abusing the DMOZ system it would be funny... but actually it's alittle distrubing.. knowing that there might be 1000 of these guys running around at DMOZ using it as a extra cash cow.

Nothing New Here

I've had a few HUGE customers have one helluva time getting listed or getting a listing updated because their competition was the editor which I thought was against the rules.

Your first mistake

I thought

There was your first mistake :).

Anytime there's a financial incentive, 'volunteer' systems like dmoz will be heavily abused. I just haven't decided if I want to play the game or ignore it. To date I've mostly ignored it.

Worst case I've seen personally is a delisting in a competitive category due to a change in whois info. That made it quite clear to me that I'm with most others in not caring about validity of whois info - not if it's going to be used against me financially.

Grassing bastard

I hate the outing of sites, and I hate grasses. Got a problem with this kind of approach from a DMOZ editor? If you have, get in touch with the powers that be at DMOZ in person and it will get dealt with.

You have to ask yourself why this guy posted it so flamboyantly in a forum the way he did - feels like blatant self-aggrandisement to me.

There's a reason his handle is 'srum4life'. He's a wanker.


I wonder if people can sue him if they paid in the past...

If you have, get in touch

If you have, get in touch with the powers that be at DMOZ in person and it will get dealt with.

Some of the highest level editors are some of the most corrupt.

While there are certainly

While there are certainly some criticms that can be levelled at DMOZ, there's also the danger that some allegations of corruption are as much an expression of the social politics of DMOZ. A while back a certain blog about corruption at DMOZ came up to out another adult webmaster, then placed some very interesting adult links in their blog footer. "Fighting among thieves" is the expression that comes to mind.

The only news in this story

The only news in this story vs. the hundred or so like it recounted in seo forums years ago is that it looks like their rates haven't kept up with inflation.

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