Congrats to Jason


Just managed to get hold of a very busy Jason for a few mins, and promised to pass on the latest news.

Apparently mother and new baby daughter (Lauren, 8lb 7oz) are both doing OK
He tells me he will be away for a few days dealing with 'new daddy' duties.

I'm chuffed for you mate



I'll think of you when having a cigar later.


Congratulations Jason and Sue :)

Congrats Mate

Glad to hear everyones doing okay.

Nice one

all the best to the Duke family

8lb 7oz

That's big!

Cheers Jason.

We're now part of the same generation hehe.

Have fun (in about three months time when you will be able to sleep at nights again)


Congratulations man!


I am sure you will have much joy from your girl.



That is a big baby!

That is a big baby! Congrats!


and congratulations!

Well done Mr D

Well done Mr D

Congrats Jason. :)

Congrats Jason. :)


Congratulations, all the best.

Congrats, Jason. That's

Congrats, Jason. That's great news.

Congratulations Jason - have

Congratulations Jason - have some well deserved time offline!

congratulations Jason! hmm i

congratulations Jason!
hmm i think i already said that in another forum lol, but still its a great thing :)

Thankyou everyone. I'll be

Thankyou everyone. I'll be back to play soon :)

congratulations jason!!

congratulations jason!!

congratulations Jason :)

congratulations Jason :)

Keep it up and you'll spawn

Keep it up and you'll spawn an SEO dynasty yet. :)
Congrats and all the best.

great news!

From Laurie & I.

How lovely --

How lovely -- congratulations to you both.

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