Crunkie - A Location Based Mobile Social Network

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This new mobile, location based network comes in via smart mobs via mcd and is, as far as im aware, one of a kind.

The idea is that via a map interface, downloadable to your phone you can blog about a location and network with friends. It's feature list reads like this:

  • A Find Me and Friend Finder applications for users to locate either themselves or family and friends on a map-based interface
  • Mobile J2ME (Java) & BREW application with vector-based map-based
  • Advanced location capabilities such as pan and zoom controls,
    sophisticated visualization and navigation
  • Location-based Messaging (to SMS) and blogging to friends -- from both
    Web and mobile phone
  • Multiple search criteria such as location, category, author popularity,

I understand it's now being offered by WaveMarket in the US with Asia, Europe and Latin America in 2005

It's this kind of social app that will really make mobile fun i think, interesting eh?