IntelliTXT Testing Image Ads

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Vibrant Media Testing Image Ads
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Clickz are reporing in the threadlink above that Vibrant Media, the creators of IntelliTXT, the somewhat naf contextual ad program recently ditched by Forbes are to test image ads.

According to sources close to the company, Vibrant Media recently began a beta test of IntelliTXT Plus, which it plans to launch in the next quarter. The images will appear in the "tool tip" displayed when a user mouses over certain keywords within the content of a page. Keywords are marked with a double green underline.

Q. What do you do when users and publishers find your contextual ad approach annoying and cumbersome?
A. Make it more annoying and cumbersome of course!

Jenstar has some comments on the swing back to image ads:

What is most significant, however, is the trend that the resurgance of image ads bring. It is interesting to note the trend swing so quickly from image ads to text ads with the launch of Google AdSense. But now it seems to be tentatively heading back to image ads once again, as a sideline to the currently offered text ads. Perhaps old school execs are adament on image ads, which is starting the swing back towards images. Or perhaps there are other reasons behind this new image ad trend.

I quite like image ads personally, not sure why really as i tend to be a rampant Firefox adblocker but if it's hightly relevant, images certainly catch my eye a bit better.

For or against contextual image ads?