New White Paper Promises an End to Google Domination

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Threadwatch member JasonD has written a spoof white paper on a new algorithm based on neck color:

1.2 Widget Chav Algorithm Overview
Our approach is based on the same assumptions as the other connectivity algorithms, namely that the number and quality of the sources related to a person are a good measure of the person's quality. The key difference consists in the fact that we are only considering "expert" sources – criteria that have been analysed as having specific purpose of being used collectively by those with a tinge of red in their necks. In response to a new user visit, we first compute a list of the most relevant experts for the potential person. Then, we identify relevant links within the selected set of experts, and follow them to identify neck colour. The targets are then ranked according to the number and relevance of non-affiliated experts that point to them. Thus, the score of a target person reflects the collective opinion of the best independent experts on the query topic. When such a pool of experts is not available, Widget Chav provides no results. Thus, Widget Chav is tuned for result accuracy and not query coverage.

Just a little xmas funny for Threadwatchers :-)



More on Chav Culture

The word “Chav” has become prevalent in the English language, owing much of its popularity to websites such as ChavScum and mentions in Popbitch.

These were joined by, a website which reviews towns and cities throughout the UK for the prevalence of their own chav culture.

While the term has faced criticism for inciting class hatred, the Oxford English Dictionary named "chav" its 2004 word of the year, and a number of chav-related books already among the best sellers this Christmas with online retailer Amazon.


Great site , have you watched the chav vidoes?
Scroll down to the bottom of chavscum - eeek!

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