Yahoo issues new spam fighting patent - filled with Google terms?


In our ever focused search for Google patents, This Yahoo one seemed to slip by.. it's actually pretty intresting... mostly because it's filled with Google Terms.. IE: Pagerank, Trustrank, Etc..

Read the Patent here.


Too funny...

If Google trademarked those terms they could sue Yahoo for filing a patent using them ;)

Why is that Bill?


Note the language ...

From item #0005 of that patent:

authors of certain Web pages attempt to maliciously boost the ranking of their pages

More "malicious" than the search engines scraping said authors' intellectual property, sucking up their bandwidth and server resources without the slightest monetary compensation, only to claim the high ground of morality?

So search engine results are an inviolable "ecological gift of the Web", with every link-optimizing SEO playing the role of Satan , contaminating this divinely "natural" order of things, eh? What's next - another call for burning these heretic ne'er-do-weels at the stake, perhaps?

Doh - ok, while nothing new it's still quite as disgusting and proto-fascist as ever ...

Are they Google Terms?

While I certainly

a. Completely enjoyed FANTs rant and I
b. Am not a fan of year old docs

I always enjoy a new insight and I didn't have this one in my collection. Many thanks

Oh and ...

'[0019] PageRank is a family of well known algorithms for assigning numerical
weights to hyperlinked documents (or web pages or web sites) indexed by a
search engine. PageRank uses link information to assign global importance scores
to documents on the web. The PageRank process has been patented and is
described in U.S. Pat. No. 6,285,999. The PageRank of a document is a measure
of the link-based popularity of a document on the Web.'

'[0020] TrustRank is a link analysis technique related to PageRank. TrustRank is a
method for separating reputable, good pages on the Web from web spam.
TrustRank is based on the presumption that good documents on the Web seldom
link to spam. TrustRank involves two steps, one of seed selection and another of
score propagation. The TrustRank of a document is a measure of the likelihood
that the document is a reputable (i.e., a nonspam) document.'

at least that's what they had to say about it....

always helpful to see it put

always helpful to see it put plainly : linking out sets your reputation for TrustRank. Long live link bait and the dynamic web.

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