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Mark Fletcher: Boing Boing, Bloglines and Google
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This is a blog post with some interesting information about the impact Bloglines can have on referrals:

"Nutshell: Bloglines is the 3rd largest source of referring pageviews on BoingBoing, and the largest generator of referring hits to BoingBoing content, larger than Yahoo! and Google -- and all other search engines -- combined. Bloglines generates 30% of all referring hits to BoingBoing."

Interesting to see some real life referral figures about how RSS and and aggregator can cut the SE's out of the traffic loop.

Lots of interesting links and data in that blog post.


Bloglines business model?

I've used Bloglines for a while, and I generally like it. However, there's one thing bothering me... how are they making money? Is there someone out there who can explain in words of less than one syllable what their business model is? Is there some revenue generation going on that I don't know about, or is it currently just land-grab to get as many eyeballs as possible then work out a way of extracting money from them later (1999-style)?

Bloglines Biz Model

Eric Peterson recently spoke to the CEO of bloglines, Mark Fletcher about the bloglines business model

Given my previously stated concerns about business models underlying services like Bloglines I took the opportunity to ask Mark about his strategy.

The essence of his answer is "AdWords on Steroids" (my translation, appropriate given their proximity to the BALCO scandal in Northern California). The idea that any article or feed I'm interested in will be littered with content that can be mined and transformed into relevant pay-per-click advertising. Mark's point was that while Google and Overture sell advertising based on a limited number of keywords, the content in feeds is rich with information that can be mined to laser-target the advertising.

He commented that the aggregate of subscriptions could also be mined to provide additional inventory, e.g., if I subscribe to Engadget and Gizmodo there is A) a strong chance I am a personal technology person and B) I am probably subscribed to other blogs that are gadget-relevant. These additional blogs would then be candidates for gadget ad inventory, QED

Brad, that looks like an outstanding link! Im gonna dive right in after dinner, thanks :)

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