Give a man six inches and he'll want a …


LIKE many people, I get about a dozen emails a day bearing news good and bad. The bad is that my penis is too small, too soft and lacking the endurance to satisfy a fruit fly. The good is I can build a longer, stronger and everlasting erection for a few hundred dollars — by taking miracle pills.
Example: "Get ready to be stopped by women in the street. Your entire image will emanate increased size! This is what you always needed to lead a happier, more fulfilling life."
What's being promised is akin to Jack's magic beans, except penis-enlargement pills don't work so spectacularly. To get the extra inches requires at least a six-month commitment. But the pills need to be taken with an exercise program — "jelqing" — including drills similar to stretching hamstrings before jogging. To see what it takes to become a Mr Big, go to You'll find a nude man, a fairly happy man one imagines, pretending to be a clock, with what appears to be a baby's arm grafted to his pubic bone as the minute hand.
By the time I found this impressive fellow, I'd already paid $106 for a month's supply of ProSolutions (chosen because of its professional-sounding name) and followed these instructions: "Type your name, the number of inches you want to gain, and the reason(s) you want to gain those inches in the blanks below. And read the completed statement out loud to reinforce the commitment that will lead to your ultimate success."
And so my colleagues heard me pledge earnestly: "I, John Elder, have decided I want to gain two inches in length and one inch in girth (I felt modest ambition would minimise disappointment). My reasons are vanity. And I'm committed to a good penis-pill system until I reach my desired gains."
If I hadn't made this pledge, I could have abandoned the project — particularly after spotting Mr Baby Arm, whom I presume is also trying to improve himself. And that's the rub. If you're born with one of these ridiculous organs, there are times when just about every man feels short-changed.
The average size of an erect penis is about 15.24 centimetres — six inches in the old money. (When talking about penis size, it's traditional to use inches.) The sad thing is it seems there are many men living fretfully with a ruler in one hand and a world of hope in the other. To meet some of these people, return to — and log on to the "progress reports" forum. You'll find men apparently taking the pills, diligently jelqing (stretching a flaccid penis) and sharing how it's hanging. Like Nicky: "I'm 21, and, measured from the pelvic bone, the length of my penis is around 7.5 inches, but I've always wanted to be large like a porn star. I've been doing the exercise a few days now …"
Occasionally, someone claims spectacular results. The simple reason is that the pills — herbal aphrodisiacs, not muscle-building proteins — give little more than an illusion of growth by concentrating blood in the otherwise shrivelled underbelly. But the real joke is that the more anxious one becomes about penis size, the more it is likely to shrink.
"The curious thing about our society, most of the time we pretend that the penis doesn't shrink," says David Mitchell, a doctor and a medical anthropologist. "In fact, the penis doesn't have a set flaccid size. It's actually meaningless to measure the size of the penis because it varies from minute to minute according to the temperature and one's state of mind. The trouble is, if you get anxious, it only makes it smaller, to the point where it can disappear … in cases where anxiety spirals into a panic attack."
Dr Mitchell has researched a recent outbreak of these attacks — known as "shrinking penis disease" — on the Indonesian island of Flores, where black magic is widely practised. In these instances, the sufferer believes he will die if his penis disappears. The last outbreak in a modern society occurred in Singapore in 1962, following a rumour that eating pork vaccinated against swine fever would cause shrinking penis disease.
"There were people rushing through the streets holding their penises … some of them using chopsticks," Dr Mitchell says. "As soon as they hit the hospital and started to relax, they came back to normal."
Dr Mitchell says the disease could re-emerge in the Western world. "It could come back again in our society if someone spread the right stories around," he says.
Chris Fox, of La Trobe University, is doing a PhD on penis size and its role in body image. So far, he has interviewed 15 men aged 20 to 75. "The short answer is that every man at some point in his life worries about the size of his penis," Mr Fox says. "If we don't like our penis we won't enjoy sex. For people with a pathological issue with penis size, it will affect their sex life.
"In some cases it will affect how they behave around other men. And one has to remember that most people make their comparison with a flaccid penis — at the urinal or in a change room. The only erections we tend to see are the very big penises on porn stars … and my interview subjects didn't feel threatened by these giant penises because they felt they weren't real. It's in the real world that anxiety takes root."



I didn't want to delete this until you guys had a chance to see it - spam with the immortal line

"There were people rushing through the streets holding their penises … some of them using chopsticks," Dr Mitchell says. "As soon as they hit the hospital and started to relax, they came back to normal."

has to be worth preserving.....

It is the most wonderful

It is the most wonderful piece of penile enlargement spam I have seen in a long while. Of all the spam we have ever had this one deserves a home in "Bollocks!"

Shall we auth it ?

Chris Fox, of La Trobe

Chris Fox, of La Trobe University, is doing a PhD on penis size

Got to be a great subject for a PhD

As the link has been remove, no reason not to run it :-)

Done :)

Done :)

It is the most wonderful piece of penile enlargement spam

I concur, truely historic.

I'd be tempted to give the man his link, fairs fair.


there never was a link - which only added to the charm for me - less a spam drop and more a cry for help....

There is a domain in there

There is a domain in there and I truly think they deserve it changed to a link. Shall we vote on it ?

I warn you..

..that site is not for the faint hearted, but if you really need more length...

Does this mean I've been

Does this mean I've been wasting my time attaching weights to qwerty jr? It sure feels like it's working.

And why are the videos on the site so small?


...the 'tools' look painful

@qwerty - I bet the videos are tiny just to encourage you (and jr). And also so we couldn't recognise the 'model' by his birthmarks.....

I wasn't swimming today...

..just a bit anxious that's all.


C'mon ThreadWatch people... this *can* be an interesting conversation about marketing, no? Look at that spam! It's not the best written and it was allegedly delivered via spamming, but evolutionarily it skips any "missing link" and brings penis spam into the modern age. And, it has been posted to TW. Clearly an educated, thoughtful American commercial webmaster is behind this (compared to the typical penis spam, this is revolutionary!).

Will I now get spam saying how "this genuine, sensual and seductive young lady in my neighborhood has the eyes for me, but is shy and a bit shamed to admit it except on her personal diary" instead of "GIRLS NEAR YOU WANT TO F*** YOU" ?

Will I get SPAM about small innovatve companies that have been suppressed by the big corporations, refused NASDAQ or NYSE opportunities because of their eschewment of corporate irresponsibility, their committment to green energy, and their social responsibility? Avalable now to early adopters as PENNY STOCKS until their laws suits get them onto the big exchanges?

Where else can the casino and pills guys go now that those are taboo?

why isn't this...

on the homepage yet?

Honestly, I thought it was

Honestly, I thought it was too long to be "good spam". I lost interest in the second paragraph.


>> ...too long...

That's exactly the impression they want you to have... Subliminal marketing eh. Gotta love it.

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