Orange is the New Black?




That is the sales pitch from a guy who calls Greg Boser naive. Absurd.

Maybe content is king. But it is absurd, nonetheless.

Always interesting to read

Always interesting to read more from people you have already encountered. Now I've had enough. Thanks.

Less noise more signal

This is news now? Martinez is insightful, opinionated and has minimal diplomacy skills. He sometimes gets things wrong. Precisely the same traits that made NickW such an entertaining Threadwatch editor.


You cannot really be comparing MM to NW!

Do I think both of them

Do I think both of them share those traits? Yes I do. Do you disagree Jill? Maybe you think Nick isn't opinionated or Michael has excellent diplomacy skills? ;)

I've never met Michael, so my opinion's limited to what I can glean from his writing. Nick's a top bloke though. No question about that.

My point is that I don't think Martinez deserves to be made a pariah on the scale of Doug Heil just because he's pissed some people off. If there's more to it than that, then maybe the OP should make that clear. Yeah, the site's shit, but this is a cheap shot that shouldn't be paraded as news.

That site is really

That site is really difficult to read. The non-orange font and the background don't contrast very well.

Michael, goofy as I find

Michael, goofy as I find some of his writing & conclusions, is one of the few people willing to post new ideas and argue them. This is post is really low.

You cannot really be comparing MM to NW!

Good observation Jill.. Nick posts stuff simply for effect. Micheal posts it because he believes it to be true.

Love him or leave him,

Love him or leave him, Michael Martinez has been been around as long as dirt, (almost as long as I have). He is one of those guys that regrdless of his reputation for lack of tact,(it's been my experience he can be extremely diplomatic when he so chooses), he is not one to be taken lightly. While I have at times cringed at some of his direct and highly opinionated remarks, other times I have totally disagreed with him, I still always consider his comments carefully. If nothing else, I respect his honesty.

is one of the few people

is one of the few people willing to post new ideas and argue them.

I agree. I always consider Michael an interesting read and I don't dismiss his assertions lightly. Michael sometimes defies conventional SEO wisdom but that does not mean his methods do not work since, after all, there is not just one way to optimize a website. Moreover, he has always gone out of his way to share his knowledge with those who need help which is a virtue in my book.

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