Google: Our Mission to Advertise Wherever You Look For Information


In an effort to get ahead of the rest of the crowd google quietly rolled out Adwords for your Mobile Phone Searches

"We are currently conducting a pilot to test mobile ads in the US, UK and Germany," said a Google spokesperson. "This is similar to the pilot test we conducted in Japan late last year, and it is open to all advertisers in the US, UK and Germany. We will continue to evaluate the mobile ads pilot and will refine the product based on feedback from our advertisers and users."

If you're looking for more information you can visit the Google Adwords Mobile Help Section.


[Fill in the blank]'s

[Fill in the blank]'s ceaseless drive to dominate Microsoft and reap untold profits has come at the expense of privacy as the company jettison's its "don't be evil" mandate and merges itself into a proxy NSA outfit, creating all the tools necessary for the state to suffocate its subjects under an inescapable high-tech panopticon control grid.

It must suck being #1 by such a wide margin. I realize it's completely irrational of me to believe any other search engine is better, and I have been using Google via Tor whenever i need to when I'm at home, but some companies just seem to be moving far faster towards a global surveillance state than others. For isntance, Microsoft. If it wanted to, it could have had IE redirect every single search query or URL to it, it could have tapped my microphone or even searched through my hotmail account, but apparently it didn't. Why? I guess you'd have to say ethics? Fear of persecution? Something.

I just really wish people would wake up to the seriousness of all this. Go back and please read 1984 and a Brave New World and realize we are becoming a synthesis of the two. I mean, it's rare the day I am faced with such clearly dangerous technology being promoted as some harmless marketting gimick by one of the world's largest companies that I feel compelled to lay down my job, take my bull horn and start hunger fasting on their corporate yard. I haven't done any thing of the sort since 2003; and even that hunger strike was more or less symbolic (only 3 days) in sympathy for the untold thousands of Iraqis I knew would have their already-low standard of life drastically lowered.

Nineteen Eighty Four

The problem I have with this, is that they are opening these free Wi-Fi networks thoughout the country.. using a repeater every X blocks in larger cities.

So here we go.. Joe logs in on 43ed street (Google knows this because he is using that repeater) .. and starts bombarding him with Subway ads on his mobile... because there is a subway around the corner..

It's like a freaking GPS unit splashing you with Ads.

Being the devils advocate.. that is how they get paid.

>>that is how they get

>>that is how they get paid.

yes, exactly. and when they dont do stuff like this, people whine that their ads dont work.

it's unfortunate to see alex jones make those comments comparing them to the NSA, an entirely unwarranted accusation. IMO jones is a true american hero and he is undeniably right 90% of the time but this is part of the 10% crap which helps to undermine all of his credibility.

not again.....

>>it's rare the day I am faced with such clearly dangerous technology being promoted as some harmless marketting gimick by one of the world's largest companies

oh bollocks. Look the technology exists, as does the technology for myriad terrible things. whether Google, Microsoft, Mickey Mouse or Michael Jackson want to release software which is capable of [spying on me][serving me targeted data] is utterly irrelevant because if the CIA want to use it then they already are. You don't think they can write Spyware? All these big scary people have absolutely no need to employ Google or anyone else to gather their data.

Not quite ...

Whereas I'm fine with your pointing out that the CIA and similar agencies can probably write tons of spyware themselves and most likely have done so right from the very start of IT, the main issue here is a systemic one.

Because tying up the world's #1 personal data gobbler's resources with any administration's clandestine agencies is a very worrying development by any standard, IMV.

As I've pointed out before (and viewing this from a European perspective), it's a very peculiarly American approach to meld "fighting terrorists" policy and "bust you way to megabucks" commercialism into one big melange impossible to untie again.

Call it synergy, call it "black networking", if you will - what it boils down to is an ever tighter grip of the very few over the very many the like of which history has never seen before. We're not merely talking a somewhat expanded linear database of the fingerprint and mugshot type - this is quite different by orders of magnitude both in terms of quantity and quality.

No point in adopting an alarmist stance about it, sure. But if you blithely ignore it chances are damn steep you'll only do so at your own - and possibly others' - peril.

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