Kevin Rose Urinates on #1 Digger


Via Barry, Kevin Rose posted that Digg is updating their algorithm to require more diversity in Digg source patterns to pull weight in ranking / gaming Digg results:

This algorithm update will look at the unique digging diversity of the individuals digging the story. Users that follow a gaming pattern will have less promotion weight. This doesn't mean that the story won't be promoted, it just means that a more diverse pool of individuals will be need to deem the story homepage-worthy.

p9s50W5k4GUD2c6, Digg's #1 user, was so mad at the algorithmic update post that he told Kevin what he thought about him.

As a direct result of your blog this evening. I will no longer no supporting Digg going forward. I bequeath my measly number one position to whoever wants to reign.

And for all of you that do nothing but bitch about your being PREVENTED from getting your stories dugg - here's your chance! Now YOU can spend all the time, all the effort and get stabbed in the back by fellow Diggers (aptly named) and then tossed to the side by a Digg team that values toilet paper with more worth than the core users that feed this site it's content every day.

I believe you to be a good man, Kevin. Well intentioned or not: your blog satisfied malcontents equipped with baseless allegations while you effectively urinated on your top diggers (correction: top gamers).

Some of the other Digg comments talk about democracy yada yada, but its all just a game isn't it? A senstive bunch they have over at Digg. Will Netscape scoop Digg's #1 user? Grab the popcorn.


it's only a matter of time

it's only a matter of time before the top social contributors realize that they can get more money and the social value they want by setting up their own site. and then the social revolution will be in high gear.

I don't understand

why people spend all day submitting stories on digg. Why not do some work?

Good Move

I stopped reading Digg as often because the quality level was going down due to people gaming the system. I congratulate them on their efforts to improve quality.


I haven't come across a laid-back digg regular yet. Diggers - on the whole* - are a bit uptight and over-protective and basically humourless IMV.

That said, I always like a good rant. Sweet ;)

* bar a few exceptions maybe

That rant is funny on so

That rant is funny on so many levels it boggles the mind.

I have been watching the

I have been watching the democratic party manipulating our memory via Digg to gain election seats. It sickens me really and I have to say, I just popped two bags of Newmans for this one! ;)

It's interesting that the #1 Digg fellah is leaving, I wonder who he works for? What brand of snake oil are the others selling us?

> the democratic party manipulating our memory via Digg to gain

Yeah, isnt the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth a major Digg voting bloc?

it would be nice to grab his

it would be nice to grab his account and start propping up a few of my sites with it. off to contact him.

don't be surprised if p9s50W5k4GUD2c6 writes a "hi, I'm back" message soon ;)

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