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New Year’s Affiliate Resolutions
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In this thread, Shawn Collins shares his predictions about affiliate marketing in 2005 from an article he wrote for iMediaConnection. He touches on adware, cookie stuffing, affiliate blogs and the persistent rumor about the coming Google/Affiliat/Adwords changes that may be on the horizon.

"Changes in 2005 will result from cogent business decisions, reaction to litigation and following trends.

As we bid farewell to this year’s model of affiliate marketing and embark upon 2005, I’ve got to wonder what sorts of changes we are in for next year.

2004 was something of a turbulent year for affiliate marketers. The year kicked off with nervous and confused affiliate marketers trying to cope with CAN-SPAM, and throughout the year, a number of issues became industry lightning rods.

There were sagas about everything from search arbitrage, whether adware is badware, cookie stuffing, the use of trademarked terms, and more?"

Read the rest here, then come back to discuss it.



2 different 2005's

Linda, most of the members here are SEO/SEM

Can-Spam may not be our THING

Shawn comes from the "other side" of marketing.

He & Missy may have an interesting 2005.

White, Black & Grey Hats will do just fine in 2005.

The SEs can't deal with all the methodologies used by the members here @ TW.


Many different 2005's

Actually there are MANY different types of marketers, that's why this is in the mkt & adv thread not the SEO/SEM thread. However, many SEO's also do AM though and Nick has asked me to post some AM threads, so this article seemed like appropriate food for thought. You say Shawn comes from the "other side" of marketing. Don't you too, at least sometimes?

Merry Christmas to all ;-)


Some thoughts

Now im not a die-hard like you two but i've more than dabbled a bit so here are a few thoughts on what we might see:

  • AM's and affiliates going mad trying to find ways of disguising cookies so they dont get eaten by M$'s cookie eater doesn't get them.
  • Call tracking becoming much more popular as a result of no.1
  • One big final thing from google - they've been chipping away for a while, i reckon we'll see the death blow (or what they see as one) by the end of 2005

There are all different types of marketers here though mike is right in saying we are largely seo based - room for all i say.

Tis a good thread linda, thanks - what is "the other side" - email?

More thoughts on AM

Nick said: Tis a good thread linda, thanks - what is "the other side" - email?

I assumed the "the other side" comment was directed at regular AM, which is what Shawn is known for. That's why I took a little bit of the offensive side. I read the comment as if AM is the poor step child of SEM. Maybe there was some other innunendo in that "other side" comment that escaped me. I don't focus on email, as most of our affiliates are pure web-based SEO, PPC type affiliates.

" I read the comment as if AM is the poor step child of SEM"


I am with Linda on this. Whilst you are undoubted correct in saying that most of your readers are SEO based, I would guess that from a marketing point of view fot TW, you would get a greater readership/participation base in the fullness of time, if the "poor stepchild" perception did not hold.

"Room for all" certainly, but the perception is important if your business plan is to gain readers and finance a second Rolls Royce.

spell it out

for me, what is the poor stepchild we are talking about?

it's another morning after no sleep and im just not following - can we cut to the chase for my benefit please?

Sheesh, you are in a bad way this morning ...

I'll let Linda answer as she started the thread..just thowing in my two Euros worth


Actually it was MrMackin that said: "Shawn comes from the "other side" of marketing." That's what all the questions and comments stemmed from. I was just trying to figure out what he meant by it. So we need Mike explain what he was referring to.

Holy shit..

What bloody other side!

Someone please give me answer - im just not following.

Quite frankly i could care less who said what, but the fact that i dont get what everyone is hinting at is really annoying.

So please, someone fill us in - this thread is way off topic so let's hear what the other side is and then have an end to it - why on earth is it even such a contentios issue?

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