The Future of Link Analysis

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Current Academic Link Analysis Research
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High level of discussion surounding some papers linked in the first post from johnser. Oustanding speculative musings on the many different theories on current trends in SE link analysis from members Oliver Henniges and claus. This snippet to give you a taster of the level of discussion in here from Oliver Henniges:

I was always wondering what the 'related:'-search command was good for, since it mainly seemd to mirror odp-structures. Now, with Menczer basing their "semantic-similarity"-coefficient on distance within the odp-tree (which is not a tree), I getthe feeling that such issues have been incorporated in some way into the ranking-algos, thereby lowering the impact of backlinks and PR. This would explain why - as pointed out elsewhere - so many dmoz-dupes and pseudo-directories polluted recent search results on less-competitive terms. If this be the case i would estimate current state of google findings as a first approach to such cluster-analysis, imperfect, and to be improved in the near future.

Im way to stupid to get most of it, but then it is late in Denmark so i'll have another go in the morning! Great stuff guys...