A Barcoded View of the Mobile Future?

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QuickTime Movie Demo's OP3 Product
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This cool Quicktime movie threadlinked above comes in via Russell and features a vision of what the future could hold for real world barcode hyperlinks - where everything has a barcode that can be snapped by your mobile to take you directly to it's associated info.

Great promo for OP3 - i hope they do well...



thanks for the compliments and good wishes. Just wanted to let you know that the tech displayed in the demo is fully functional and capable of roll out today.

Do you remember...

.. Digital Convergence and their Cue Cat tool ?


It was way ahead of it's time and (I may be biased here as I did some work for them) suffered from being too early to market and the dot com crash but by using the same ideas with camera phones I feel this business model could be a HUGE success.

Just those licence fees to pay to whoever has control at DC now?


Just so it is all standardized. If you end up with 5 different proprietary barcode systems that are incompatible it will all fail like a Tower of Babel.

I HAVE read about experiments...

... and trial projects the other way around. Where you buy - for example - a theatre ticket, which then shows on your mobile's screen as a picture with a barcode for the theatre people to scan. Being a techie I'd use that - if I EVER went to the theatre ;-)

Then again: are you even allowed to take your mobile to the theatre? Apart from various stupid ringtones expected to disturb the play, aren't they afraid that one well-thrown 3610 will knock the protagonist out? (Just think "football/soccer" and "goalkeepers"... hehe)


I agree Brad, it seems that the only people that see proprietory systems as the way forward are shortsighted OEM's and their marketing companies

Everything is moving slowly toward open standards and companies taking that road, IMO have a much better shot at the title.

So, dhettema, firstly welcome to Threadwatch, do introduce yourself and OP3.

Secondly, can you tell us a bit about the business model behind this software?

Yep, the CueCat was great. Sa

Yep, the CueCat was great. Sadly it made use of a proprietry device to which its users gave no emotional value. It was easy to dismiss the scanner as just a piece of hardware. A mobile you always carry around and is often seen as an extention of the user's personality. This is a device that does create an emotional bond with its user, which is why it will be around when something can/will be scanned.

When it comes to propriatry software, you'd be surprised how much several developers are already working together. OP3 doesn't develop its own software, we're the world's first VAR in this industry. This also gives us the chance to take on a orchestrating role where needed.

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