M$ want to cripple Programmers by Patenting Object Persistence

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Object persister
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Microsoft are taking the piss with patents again. This time they want to patent object persistence.

For non-programmers
This, if it ever got accepted would mean an end to modern programming as we know it - shopping carts, games, search engines - the lot..

So, it'll never happen (one hopes heh..) but sheesh! what are they thinking over there.. Object persistence is a fundamental principle in almost everything of even a slightly advanced level.

Still, look on the bright side, as rayg points out apparently they think HTML is a protocol.. - Muppets.

Herein is described an implementation of an object persister, which serializes an object to preserve the object's data structure and its current data. The serialized object is encoded using XML and inserted within a message. That message is transmitted to an entity over a network. Such a transmission is performed using standard Internet protocols, such as HTML. Upon receiving the serialized object, the receiving entity deserializes the object to use it. Rather than include copies of referenced objects within the serialized object, the object persister includes references to those objects. This avoids redundant inclusion of the same object and potentially infinite inclusion of the object itself that is being serialized.