Social Media Sabotage, Did Motorola Get Caught with Dirty Hands


According to reports the short video shown on YouTube last week showing the new Samsung Ultra Mobile cell phone snapping in half was owned by rival telecommunications giant Motorola.

The video has been removed at the request of Motorola who owns the copyright for the video. Motorola's isn't saying much other than they didn't intend for the video to circulate. Samsung is understandbly upset at what they consider sabotage. Full story from The Korea Times

The 15-second video clip entitled ``Samsung handset, easy to break at one try!’’ has been circulating on the Internet since last week. It shows a smiling young woman snapping Samsung’s 6.9-milimeter-thick mobile phone in two.

...Samsung is furious about the video, claiming it was designed to damage its reputation. A company spokesperson said on Sunday that it was unaware of Motorola’s involvement in the film, and the matter will be discussed today.



Does it snap in half, or not?

All other facts are irrelevant.

If it Ain't Broke

I'm trying to find a cached version but haven't found one yet. According to all the news stories I read it looks like smiling woman snaps the phone in half in the video.

that's a tough sell

their claim that this wasn't meant for distribution might be undermined by all the lascivious dangling and jiggling of the handset that's done after it's snapped. we get it. some lady broke it without trying very hard. we're to believe that motorola's going to make some low-production-value video like that for its own employees?

also, "Samsung handset, easy to break at one try!" doesn't exactly sound like title of an internal product durability study.

i wonder if the big boys will allow themselves to be drawn into a viral media flame war? which would be fun as hell to watch, IMO.

Little Effort

Not surprised Samsungs upset.
It broke with so little effort.
A seriously damaging video if it goes viral.
Just think of the linkbait potential for a ton of other products that will crack up if you try.

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