CNN finds new marketing niche... Dead Children


Someone at CNN thought it would be a great idea to advertise to promote their articles on Anna Nicoles dead son. I think the screen shot says it all.

Simply disgusting IMO.



1) How does Google allow that?
2) Who in CNN thought this was a great idea... scumbuckets...

That is really in poor

That is really in poor taste. But I'll bet they got a lot of click throughs.

If it bleeds, it leads

News outlets run stories on dead and dying people all the time. And, going back to the first tabloids, news outlets have promoted their stories on dead people, disasters, wars, crime, etc. It's an every day practice for local news to promote their coverage on a plane crash or a grisly murder in the upcoming news at eleven.

To me, this is just promoting one of the day's top stories (how Anna Nicole or anyone related to her ever came to be something like a top story at a legitimate news outlet is another, and even more troubling, question). It may be tasteless, but it's not outside the norm of what news outlets do to promote themselves.

most likely some sort of automated software

most likely some sort of automated software

Yeah I can see your point

Yeah I can see your point raycam must need the extra readers since they are such a small outfit.

Doing it for awhile

I have seen ads like this by CNN for awhile now - I think they were bidding on John Mark Carr at one point.


they all do it, and so do loads of other people/companies. Go look at Hurricane Katrina, pretty much any celeb name (which at least in the UK has an ad on it from a newspaper) and almost any news story. It not the height of taste but where do you want the line to be drawn? Is it death, misfortune, personal names or just anything a bit 'icky' that they shouldn't advertise against?

Should you not also be up in arms over the adverts against 'death', 'cocaine' and 'aids'?

Mainstream news

sources are crap anyway imo. I turned on the BBC news the other day to watch almost an entire programs worth of death related news. I get sick of all the negative related news which is all we are apparently interested in.

My personal objection is to

My personal objection is to a marketing strategy that focuses on highlighting an individual's personal tragedy to deliver a message that does not in anyway inform the public of anything that's helpful. I believe that's unethical ( in the classical sense not the forum pundit version ) as it helps no one, not even CNN, and only has the potential of hurting the subject of the advertisement.

NY Times is not better:

Google Adwords:

Steve Irwin: 1962-2006
The New York Times reports on the
death of the “Crocodile Hunter”

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