Accessing Orphan Pages and Tree Traversal is Illegal Hacking


Somebody tell the search engines that if a page is not linked from the site nav or elsewhere, it's private and accessing it via direct URL manipulation is "hacking". At least that seems to be what the Governor of California wants us to believe. Oh, and hackers are criminals, too. Funny, not only were the "private" MP3 files on a public web server, with public access permissions, but they were also set to "archive" so they appear in the Google cache.

claims here
related precendent here , with update here
Google' cache of Governor Ahhhnold's private recordings here


It begs the question: why

It begs the question: why were the files uploaded in the first place?

So if you accidentally meet the Guv'... some public place -- but he didn't tell you in advance that he'd be there -- you can't say hi?

Hmmm, k.

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